Association of Quebec Landlords

Association of Quebec Landlords

October 10, 2014 16:02 ET

Reduced Delays at the Regie du logement: The APQ Notes That the Government Wants to Act!

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Oct. 10, 2014) - The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ), which attended the press conference of Mr. Pierre Moreau, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy and Minister responsible for the Régie du logement, is pleased to note that the Government realizes that we must act as of now.

The latest annual reports of the Régie du logement and the Ombudswoman showed no improvement. And the APQ found that the Régie had not received any help or additional resources allowing it to cope with the emergency.

Among the new measures more cases could be heard by special clerks, in particular where the defendant does not show up.

Also, the Régie's directors from Longueuil and Laval will from now on be able to travel to Montreal to hear contested cases. These measures aim to reduce contested cases.

"We will then see what real impact these new measures will have on waiting times at the Régie du logement," says Martin Messier, president of the APQ.

The APQ has also been asking for several years that decisions would be made without a hearing, in the absence of defense filed by the other party within a specified time, as it is currently done before the Court of Quebec, small claims division, to free up time for the directors.

"Beyond the additional resources required for the Régie du logement it is an entire reform of the rental law that we need!" explains Martin Messier.

Remember also that in Quebec it is illegal to request any form of deposit and this factor is important. This situation is likely to make many victims among small owners who ultimately will be losing their building! In most cases, the owner has done nothing wrong in a situation of non-payment of rent. He must deal with disproportionate waste of time and money.

The Association of Quebec Landlords recalls that, according to the annual report of the Régie du logement, the average waiting times are:

For non-payment: Setting of the rent: General cause:
2011-2012 1.4 months 2011-2012 6.7 months 2011-2012 20.3 months
2012-2013 1.4 months 2012-2013 6 months 2012-2013 20.7 months
2013-2014 1.5 months 2013-2014 5.3 months 2013-2014 21 months

Founded in 1984, the Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) is the most important association providing services to owners of rental housing while being present in all regions of Quebec.

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