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September 08, 2017 07:30 ET

Reducing Clinical Trial Failure With New Tools for Drug Target Identification and Prioritization

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - September 08, 2017) - In an Xtalks webinar scheduled for Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 11am EDT (4pm BST/UK), experts from Clarivate Analytics will discuss new tools that can reduce clinical trial failure due to drug target identification and prioritization.

Finding new drugs and bringing them to market is a very long, research intensive process, taking on average 10 to 12 years1 and costing between $1.5 and $3 billion USD2. Data from the Centers for Medical Research (CMR) shows that less than one out of every 10 drugs that enter clinical trials makes it to market1 and over half of all clinical compounds fail because they are not effective against the target.3

Arguably the biggest reason for failure is that the wrong targets are chosen.4,5 In many cases no clear link is made between the target and disease, or the compounds have the wrong physiochemical properties to be effective. In other cases, there is just too much information from too many sources scattered in too many places to be able to get a complete picture of diseases, targets and animal models. Combining the right tools and workflows with the right data will lead to better decisions and more drugs to alleviate suffering.

This webinar will focus on new tools, which will allow scientists to:

  • Identify targets through genomic analysis
  • Prioritize them based on scientific, clinical and business rationale
  • Help select the most relevant animal model
  • Identify those with the greatest chance of success to market.

Several examples of the application of these tools will be discussed.

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