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March 30, 2015 16:10 ET

Reefs2Go Stocking Live Fish Food Including Feeder Shrimp, Brine Shrimp, Amphipods and Copepods and Phytoplankton

CLEARWATER, FL--(Marketwired - Mar 30, 2015) - Summary: Reefs2Go offers several live food options for your fishy friends to enjoy, offering various sizes and bulk purchasing options of Ghost Feeder Shrimp, buy one get one free offers on Amphipods and Copepods, Brine Shrimp and limited availability of Phytoplankton.

Reefs2Go has announced that it is offering new services that will ease many of the more difficult issues associated with keeping a saltwater fish tank. The online Saltwater Aquatic Marine store offers live fish food that includes Brine and Ghost Feeder Shrimp (available in large and smaller sizes), Amphipods and Copepods, and Phytoplankton (only available on a limited basis from overages they use to feed their own corals).

The live fish food is most always available for immediate delivery to your doorstep. This provides their customers with an easier, hassle free experience. Saltwater Aquarium hobbyists often complain that they grow tired of the frequent trips to their local fish stores to pick up the much necessary food to keep their fishy friends fully fed.

"At Reefs2Go, we are all about convenience and quality, and we feel that the availability of live food for delivery should make it very easy for fish tank enthusiasts to get the highest quality food for the fish in their tank," said a representative with Reefs2Go. "We go to great lengths to ensure that our live food arrives quickly and that it is crawling with life when it gets to our customers."

The company offers various amounts of shrimp, amphipods and copepods to its customers via direct delivery. The amphipods and copepods are particularly important for some of the pickier eaters in a saltwater tank, as seahorses and mandarin gobies are quite fond of them. Not only are they an attractive option for the difficult-to-please members of a tank, but they also add an important and vital element of biodiversity.

The live brine shrimp offered by Reefs2Go also serve as solid options for picky eaters in the fish tank environment, and they are known to be favorites of pipefish and dragonets. In addition to the live brine shrimp, Reefs2Go also offers live marine feeder shrimp that serve as great scavengers that help to keep a tank clean while adding a bit of diversity to the tank as well.

"The live food options that we offer have proven to be quite popular among our customers, and we are very pleased to be able to make them available in this way," said the representative. "We are very confident in our live delivery service and we offer a 14-day guarantee to show our customers just how confident we are that they will be receiving a great product from us."

About Reefs2Go offers 1000 unique live saltwater fish items which are locally stocked in their Florida warehouse. This ensures Reefs2Go offers great pricing and even greater selection. For more information contact them at

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