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July 15, 2015 09:00 ET

Reelcause, Inc: Designed to Fill Nonprofit Fundraising Gap

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwired - Jul 15, 2015) - When CEO Michael Jacobson envisioned a company like Reelcause, Inc. (OTC PINK: RCIT) ("Reelcause"), he imagined an organization that was a fundraising haven for nonprofit organizations of all sizes, regardless of budget or infrastructure.

"I have a history of working with nonprofits and know how hard it is to raise funds," Jacobson explains. "From donor to volunteer fatigue, I witnessed how nonprofits struggled even just to get their immediate network to support their efforts."

Unwilling to stand by any longer, Jacobson teamed up with Matthew Kindness, chief technology officer at Reelcause to design a platform that exceeds what traditional crowdfunding offered.

"Initially we thought crowdfunding would be the answer until I saw that most organizations do not meet their goals and the current programs did not reach farther than the limited donor base," Jacobson says. "In addition, the legal basis for crowdfunding through interstate offerings has not been resolved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in its rulemakings, so crowdfunding as a revenue generating vehicle has been limited to a state by state approach," Jacobson added.

That's when Jacobson leveraged Kindness's technology expertise to create a solution that would push the limits of the quick online campaign and integrate into first and second tier donor levels. "The Reelcause platform is designed to build and grow a new or current online organization," Kindness adds. "Our goal is to provide the necessary tools to engage potential members and bring them together on our comprehensive platform. We provide an environment where supporters can actively participate and contribute in a cause, while simultaneously building new relationships."

Jacobson says that video storytelling and targeted social sharing is how Reelcause's proprietary PeopleSourcing © program was created.

With all the pieces falling into place, Jacobson says that the next hurdle was to motivate potential donors to support nonprofits and charitable organizations. "No one wakes up in the morning and asks who they are going to donate to today," he says.

The solution was to offer donors a reason to come to the site, regardless whether or not they wanted to donate. "By offering prizes, contests, savings and cash back on purchases we are able to turn a 'feel good about myself' experience into revenue for the nonprofit," Jacobson remarks.

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Reelcause ( is a groundbreaking, leading-edge program dedicated to a smarter way to generate revenue and donations. Beyond social networking for fundraising, Reelcause provides members with significant revenue opportunities, while providing a tangible rewards platform to an endless number of personal networks. Revenue channel users are also afforded unparalleled opportunities to partner with other organizations to collaboratively reach goals and fundraise to achieve the greater good. Your creativity and dreams are continuously rewarded through the Reelcause dynamic PeopleSourcing © network.

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