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'Reely' Great Fishing Destinations Sinks Its Hooks Into the World's Top 10 Fishing Destinations; Scotland Takes First Bait for Salmon and Trout

LONDON--(Marketwire - Aug 15, 2011) -, the UK's leading flight deals publisher, helps travellers sink their bait into the world's premier fishing destinations and their magnificent landscapes.

Looking at how the destinations rank per type of fish to be hooked, the UK comes out on top for fishing salmon and trout in Scotland, followed by Phuket for swordfish and marlin, and the US Florida Keys for shark and barracuda.

"Fishing isn't just about a great 'catch' or reserved for those who have it as a hobby. It can be a great way to enjoy seeing the world, or even parts of the country you live in, on the cheap. And the best part is, it's not dependent on the weather, so whether you're staying in the UK or going abroad, you'll be able to enjoy your holiday come rain or shine," says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for

Here we explore five of the world's ten premier locations and the types of fish their famous for.

Sutherland, Scotland

Catch of the Day: Salmon as well as brown and sea trout. The area is famous for its abundant supply and the buttery texture of all three.

Fishing is a brilliant way to enjoy Scotland. Although this outdoor sport isn't allowed on Sundays at the Kyle of Sutherland, there are six other days of the week to take advantage of the bounty that this majestic landscape has to offer. Suited to both novices and veterans alike, the Kyle of Sutherland Angling Association has produced a booklet to help fishermen figure out where to go to reel in the best fish. A permit for a day of sea trout fishing costs visitors only £8. The view of Scotland's rolling hills, though, is priceless.

Phuket, Thailand

Catch of the Day: Tuna, swordfish, blue and black marlin, among other impressive sea creatures.

Deep sea fishing is a must if you find yourself on Thailand's southern beach haven, Phuket. The clear, blue waters of the Andaman Sea set the scene for some of the best fishing in the world. A strict catch-and-release policy means you won't be dining on your accomplishments, but a photo for Facebook on Thailand's west coast may do instead.

Florida Keys, United States

Catch of the Day: The marine sanctuary law in Florida ensures an abundance of wildlife, where you'll catch permit, shark and barracuda.

Relax on South Florida's turquoise seas where you'll find the Marquesas Keys, located just 30 miles off of Key West's west coast -- an ideal spot for fishing. There's a very remote feel because a lot of charters aren't willing to make the trip on account of high fuel prices. Find a charter that's willing to go the extra mile, literally, for quite possibly the most unforgettable fishing trip of your life.

Cape Town, South Africa

Catch of the Day: The area has some of the richest tuna grounds in the world and also some of the globe's toughest fighting fish.

Visitors flock to Africa's southernmost city for culture that's brimming with excitement. Fishermen flock for its coastline, brimming with tuna. A diverse ecosystem guarantees you'll see albatross, killer whales and dolphins galore. Tuna season lasts from September to June, but there are opportunities throw your net year-round.

Sicily, Italy

Catch of the Day: Blue fish, tuna and sardines populate the coastline, so come hungry.

Fishing is synonymous with Sicily and, unfortunately, its fish population has started dwindling as a result. Even still, you can't go to the Italian isle and not try spearfishing. As hands on as it gets, you physically dive into the water and spear the fish -- with a spear. Patience is of the essence, as the underwater creatures are both quick and cunning, so stick to shallow waters. Though frustrating sometimes at first, the ancient form of survival is addicting for many divers.

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