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March 03, 2015 08:30 ET

Regen BioPharma Inc. Files Patent Application for Treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndrome Utilizing Gene Silencing Therapy

Company Developing Drug Candidate to Potentially Augment HemaXellerate Therapy for Treating Aplastic Anemia

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 3, 2015) - Regen BioPharma Inc. (OTCBB: RGBP) (OTC PINK: RGBP) announced today the filing of patent application # 14,572/574 covering methods, compositions, and protocols for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome by gene silencing using Regen's proprietary siRNA therapeutic sequences platform.

Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) is a collection of diseases that include aplastic anemia, a condition where the bone marrow does not produce sufficient numbers of blood cells. Survival for patients with myelodysplastic syndrome is shorter than survival for patients with lung cancer, as treatment options for these patients with MDS are limited.

Patients with myelodysplastic syndrome are often older and cannot tolerate the side effects associated with aggressive chemotherapy regimens (current baseline form of treatment). As a result they are given palliative therapies, like blood transfusions, because curative options do not exist for most patients.

"Regen has filed a patent on a novel form of therapy called differentiation therapy that is expected to have much milder toxicity than chemotherapy. The mechanism of action of the therapeutic in development is to correct the specific genes that prevent the myelodysplastic syndrome stem cell from producing mature blood cells," said Dr. Thomas Ichim, Chief Scientific Officer of Regen BioPharma.

There are currently 3 drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome: Revlimid (Celgene) with $3.767 billion sales in 2012; Vidaza (Celgene) with $823 million in sales in 2012; and Dacogen (Jansen) which generated royalty revenue of $60 million in 2011. Regen sees each of these 3 drugs having benefited a limited patient population. However, Regen believes its gene silencing approach may serve a broader patient population in a more effective manner.

"We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Company's aplastic anemia platform to include myelodysplastic syndromes. While our HemaXellerate product addresses immunological causes of aplastic anemia, the current differentiation product addresses molecular causes," said David Koos, President, CEO, and Chairman of Regen BioPharma. "We see this expanded approach strengthening the treatment model."

ABOUT REGEN BIOPHARMA INC.: Regen BioPharma Inc. is a publicly traded biotechnology company (OTCBB: RGBP) (OTC PINK: RGBP). The Company seeks to identify undervalued regenerative medicine applications in the immunotherapy and stem cell space. The Company is focused on rapidly advancing these technologies through pre-clinical and Phase I/ II clinical trials. Currently the Company is centering on gene silencing therapy for treating cancer, telomeres and small molecule therapies, along with developing stem cell treatments for aplastic anemia.

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