July 06, 2012 07:00 ET

Regtransfers Helps Tennis Fans Show Their Wimbledon Spirit with Special Number Plates

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - July 6, 2012) - As the world anticipates gripping, dramatic finals on the courts of Wimbledon this weekend, the largest independent provider of personalised number plates in the UK is reminding tennis fans that they can support their favourite players and show their love of the sport through creative number plates.

Despite the less than stellar weather, Wimbledon this year has proven to be as exciting and surprising as ever. Rafael Nadal's shocking defeat to an unknown player ranked 100th in the world on the fourth day of the tournament showed how thrillingly unpredictable men's tennis can be. Promising to be a spectacular semi-final, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will face each other yet again to see who makes it to the finals over the weekend. Regtransfers suggests that a great way for fans to show which player they are rooting for the VI67 ORY (victory) is to purchase either a 120 GER (Roger) or NOV 44K (Novak) plate - with smug condolences to all those who support RAF 43L (Rafael).

Or for those who follow the doubles games, a DO11 BLE (doubles) plate might do the trick. General tennis-themed number plates could also include the following letter and number combinations: COU 2T (court), DE11 UCE (deuce), G1 AME (game), and VO11 LEY (volley).

Angela Banh, marketing manager of says: "Despite the strict regulations imposed on number plate sequencing by the DVLA, there are still thousands of different digits and letters that can be combined to create interesting and imaginative combinations. People can CII EER (cheer) for their favourite ATH I37E (athlete) wherever they go with specialised plates.

"Additionally, there are several organisations that make it easy to sport your own personality on your plates by helping you through the entire procedure. Regtransfers is an established and highly respected British company that makes the process of finding, buying, and transferring number plates as simple and seamless as possible."

Regtransfers is the largest independent specialist in registration plate transfer in the UK. For more information about buying DVLA number plates, or for assistance in finding or creating private plates, call 01582967777 or visit

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