July 09, 2013 12:51 ET

Regularly Checking the Condition of a Car Battery Can Prevent Other Vehicle Complications and Save Money, Says CTEK

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - July 9, 2013) - Problems with a car battery can result in engine issues and breakdowns, but global battery maintenance and care brand CTEK is reminding drivers that keeping an eye on charge levels could save time and money.

Battery faults are the most common cause of breakdowns, and can cost drivers unnecessary recovery and battery replacement costs. Therefore, getting into the habit of performing a battery check, as often as oil and water levels, and tyre pressure inspections, is essential to keep a car safe and in pristine condition.

While this may seem like a complicated task, there are devices available which can make the process easy, quick and safe, such as CTEK's Comfort Indicator. It provides a simple way to check battery levels by using a colour coded system to identify the condition of a battery.

If the battery is fully charged and does not need attention, the green light will show; if the orange light shows the battery is less than 90 per cent charged, meaning it is recommended to undertake a charge to avoid future problems. However, when the red light displays, the battery is below an 80 per cent state of charge, which means it should be charged immediately, not only to be able to start the vehicle first time, every time, but to also avoid potential damage through sulphation. By simply connecting the crocodile clips to the battery, the CTEK Comfort Indicator provides an immediate battery diagnosis, which, when acted upon, could help to prevent an unnecessary breakdown and engine damage.

Katariina Stahl, director of sales and marketing at CTEK, commented: "There is a misconception that checking your battery's charge condition is a dangerous or complicated job, and only a professional should attempt to solve any problems. However, the Comfort Indicator uses a traffic light colour system that is recognised universally and if used regularly, could save drivers from repairing other faults, such as alternator damage. We also advise to always keep a car battery charger at hand so if you find your battery is not at its optimal charge, you can take action, save recovery call outs, and extend the life of your battery by years."

Whether it is a 24V or 12V battery charger that is required, please visit www.ctek.com to view CTEK's full range of consumer and professional battery protection products.

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