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December 08, 2010 12:00 ET

Reimagining Enterprise for a New Millennium

The Enlightened Enterprise Offers a Blueprint for How the Organization of the Future Can Create Enduring Socio-Economic Value

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 8, 2010) -  SelectBooks announces the upcoming publication of another title that pushes the envelope of innovative practices in management and business.

February 2011 will see the release of The Enlightened Enterprise -- Walking the Path of the Conscious and High Performing Organization, by trailblazing management consultant and transformation facilitator Christian M. Ellis. Here, Ellis draws upon his personal experience as a successful and sought after performance improvement advisor with organizations like GE, Dow Chemical, the World Bank, Chevron, and Stanford University to put forth ways to help evolve the concept of the organization and its potential role in our interconnected, interdependent, highly networked global society.

The Enlightened Enterprise examines the failure of traditional organizational forms and strategies, and introduces creative yet practical methods not only to elevate effectiveness, but to redefine it by fundamentally altering organizational consciousness -- the mindset and outlook of the organization and its definitions of success and value. The traditional goals, definitions of value, and indicators of success in most organizations, Ellis explains, are hopelessly outdated when considering the globally-interconnected social reality that has resulted from technological innovation, expansions of human awareness, and understanding of humanity's effect on our planet. Solutions lie in revising the traditional ideas of achievement, success and value beyond such things as simple, short-term financial gain and market share, expanding them to include service and worth provided to the community; positive social and environmental impact; and empowerment of workers and other organization members as fully invested participants in the organizational mission.

Ellis arrives at his answers through a unique integration of behavioral psychology, organizational dynamics, the physical sciences and even Eastern philosophy. The result could perhaps best be described as a how-to manual of human achievement and community through perhaps the most important and ubiquitous human construct: the organization.

Publisher Kenzi Sugihara describes The Enlightened Enterprise as being "Like no other book I've ever read on the topic of management and organization building. Ellis' forward-thinking approach to the idea has the potential to bring the very concept of business more in line with the evolving global consciousness of the 21st century."

The Enlightened Enterprise will be available in February 2011 wherever books are sold.

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