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CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic

July 26, 2011 00:01 ET

Rejected Homeowner Threatens Lender Lawsuit Litigation, Receives $115,000 Principal Reduction Through CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 26, 2011) - After years of failed Loan Modification attempts, before starting Lender Lawsuit Litigation, John and Elizabeth Canahui were counseled by CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic who performed a Lender Fraud and Violation Analysis Report, Principal Reduction Prequalification and a Making Home Affordable (HAMP) approval simulator showing them what the final Loan Modification would mean to them long term, which CPAC offers without a fee.

Unlike before, now fully understanding about proper structure and a well-packaged FREE Loan Modification ( as well as the free investigation, discovery and documentation of Bank Fraud and Lender Abuse violations (, the newly empowered Homeowners decided to take CPAC's advice to hold off filing a costly Lender Lawsuit Litigation case and simply use a few very compelling products CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic produces and offers to create the real and present threat of either Individual Lender Lawsuit Litigation, Mass Group Lender Lawsuit Litigation or even potential Class Action Lender Lawsuit Litigation, giving their Lender one last opportunity to do right. Following CPAC's advice and direction the Canahuis finally received a Loan Modification with out the need to file a Suit.

According to G. Lee Lane Esq, President of CPAC: "What makes us more effective than other well known Non Profits that don't get the results we do is if the lender says 'NO' to our Client, they can expect a compelling case filed against the lender and the Beneficiary who pays them to do what they're supposed to, which is to help avoid foreclosure." According to Court records, G. Lee Lane and Staff have the highest count of individual Lender Lawsuit Litigation cases filed against various Lenders than any other single Law Firm or individual Attorney in the State.

Anne O'Brian, another homeowner who wasn't getting anywhere with her lender, was willing to start Lender Lawsuit Litigation if eligible. Mrs. O'Brian took advantage of CPAC's complementary products and services, ready to hire CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic to file a Lender Lawsuit if needed. Mrs. O'Brian was surprisingly advised by her CPAC Counselor not to file suit yet, that she only purchase Consumer Home Affordable Modification Program material from CPAC to submit. To view the Loan Modification agreement Mrs. O'Brian received with a $115,000.00 Principal Reduction as a bonus, click here:

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