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November 27, 2015 14:51 ET

Relax and Sleep Right Through Your Dental Procedure

ROWLETT, TX--(Marketwired - Nov 27, 2015) - Rowlett Family Dentistry has announced the availability of sedation dentistry as one of its service offerings, designed to help even the most fearful patient through any dental procedure. The dental facility in Rowlett, TX provides all-around dental services for families in the communities northeast of Dallas, and first opened its doors in the year 1984.

The intent of this sedation dentistry service is to allow those who have severe anxiety about dental procedures to undergo the necessary treatment as normal, without really being aware of it. Two types of sedation are made available at the office: conscious and unconscious sedation. A conscious sedation is achieved by ingestion of a pill or nitrous oxide gas which induces a drowsy, semi-euphoric state in the patient, while unconscious sedation makes use of an I.V. or general anesthesia to trigger a temporary sleep state.

Conscious and unconscious sedation

During conscious sedation, a patient is actually awake, but does not feel any pain or discomfort, and is completely unaware that a dental procedure is in progress. The dental patient is not awake during unconscious sedation, sleeping through the entire procedure to wake up refreshed, and with the dental work completely finished. Unconscious sedation is generally favored for the more complicated dental procedures, while conscious sedation is better suited to the fairly straightforward dental processes.

Patients who are good candidates for one of these two types of sedation dentistry are those with long-running phobias about dental procedures and visits to the dentist, or with fears about needles and shots. Some patients also have particularly intense gag reflexes, which can severely inhibit or interfere with any dental work being performed, and also endanger the patient's safety. Others have extremely sensitive teeth, which do not numb up well during conventional treatment with novocaine, and might still be subject to the discomfort of drilling.

About Rowlett Family Dentistry

Rowlett Family Dentistry is a dental organization which serves the communities of Rowlett, Rockwall, and Garland, all a few miles northeast of Dallas, TX. General dentistry is provided for all members of the family at this 'neighborhood dentist' facility, where creating a friendly, comfortable atmosphere is part of the process for each dental procedure. The family practice was founded in 1984 in Rowlett, and is staffed by Dr. Bogard and Dr. Marneni, along with qualified support personnel.

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