Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism Association

Parksville Qualicum Beach Tourism Association

August 14, 2013 07:00 ET

Relaxation Revolution: Parksville Qualicum Beach Officially Declare National Relaxation Day Here to Stay

PARKSVILLE QUALICUM BEACH, BC--(Marketwired - Aug. 14, 2013) -

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It's official - the communities of Parksville Qualicum Beach want a relaxation designation to themselves! After lifting the holiday from their U.S. neighbours last year, the communities have taken the additional step of officially recognizing August 15, 2013 as National Relaxation Day in their Vancouver Island communities.

"When you really want to unwind in Canada, where do you think about: naturally the west coast, Vancouver Island, and Parksville Qualicum Beach," said Qualicum Beach Mayor Teunis Westbroek. "We're a pretty laid back place and it almost seems to be out of character to get so serious - but if there's anything we're serious about it's relaxing."

Earlier this month both councils officially recognized National Relaxation Day.

"There's no question where Canada's relaxation destination rightfully belongs," said Parksville Mayor Chris Burger. "Mellowing out and kicking back is part of our DNA here, and is even imprinted on our business community. We are in the business of relaxation: it's what we've always done and what we do every day."

Burger said being the *Top Island in the Continental U.S. and Canada, with kilometres of the country's best beaches, home of the top Vancouver Island spa, world class Parksville Qualicum Beach accommodation, 18 provincial and regional parks, six golf courses, casual farmer's markets, and festivals, Parksville Qualicum Beach is all about "a chilled out lifestyle," so it's only fitting that they become "the Canadian epicentre" of that lifestyle.

Westbroek and Burger said it's part of their responsibility as public officials to get people to kick back and relax as modern life doesn't leave much time for folks to simply rest or spend time doing what matters most: connecting with their loved ones, families and friends.

"We need the time and freedom to just do nothing, to kick back and reconnect with one another, and to have a vacation that's actually a vacation," said Burger.

"Whether it's hiking, biking and exploring, playing a game of mini-golf paddling through coves and bays with a kayak, you've got to take time unwind or it's going to catch up with you," Westbroek added.

As far as competition for the National Relaxation Day crown, both mayors agreed their phones haven't been jumping with competitors for bragging rights.

"Besides, we're a little ahead of the game," said Burger. "We've been kicking back and making memories for years here, and we're making new memories for people every day."

The mayors have echoed their joint challenge put out last year: try out any of their Top 5 Ways to Kick Back on National Relaxation Day without feeling totally relaxed. And if someone succeeds?

"Well, try and try again," quipped Westbroek.

Top 5 Ways to Kick Back on National Relaxation Day
We're all about real and honest, not fake or contrived, there are many ways to relax, so here are our Top 5!

5) Regain your Energy. A vacation in Parksville Qualicum Beach is about doing something different, something quiet and uplifting. Just sit back, relax and just let it happen and leave feeling energized.

4) Stress Antidote. High Stress? You need a break! But you need to feel like you had a break. For quick relief, stretch out on our miles of beaches, feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your face and that warm and gentle feeling rush over your body. It works fast!

3) Get your Quirk on! You need to laugh. It's proven to be highly therapeutic and healthy for you. Take structure out of your day and replace it by going to see a goat on a market roof, build a sand castle, touch your first sea anemone, have a water fight. A quick trip here and you'll get our quirky sense of humour.

2) Eye Candy. Sugary candy is bad for your teeth and waistline. But eye candy can be good for your heart and soul! Sit by a waterfall, paddle a serene lake, or walk through a blossoming garden and you'll see that surrounding yourself in beauty is a great detox for the soul.

1) Share it! You can fly solo, but to really create a memory you need your family and friends. Nostalgia isn't just about old keepsakes - it's about memories. Relive an old one, make a new one - build a beach fire and tell funny stories, have a race in the warmest west coast water north of Mexico, play beach bocce for kilometres at a stretch - but do it with someone if you want it to last.

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*Vancouver Island was ranked No. 1 on the Travel + Leisure 2012 World's Best Awards list of Top Islands in the Continental U.S. and Canada.

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