SOURCE: Relay Capital Corp.

May 25, 2005 17:37 ET

Relay Capital Corp. to Launch "My Family" Stored-Value Cards for Families to Send Money to Relatives, Especially Those in Former Homelands

$150 Billion Sent Worldwide by Relatives to Home Countries, With Mexican Immigrants in USA Sending $16.3 Billion Back to Mexico

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 25, 2005 -- May 25, 2005 (MARKET WIRE) - Relay Capital Corp. (OTC: RLYC) ( is launching "My Family(SM)" Dual-Pak stored-value debit cards to serve the multi-billion dollar market for family members who send money to relatives, especially to those in former homelands, or parents who want to provide money to students living away from home quickly, conveniently and cost effectively.

My Family(SM) cards, which Corporate Network negotiated on behalf of Relay Capital with Ascot Investments, Inc., ( addresses the growing global demand for the rapid, cost-efficient ability to securely send and receive money across town or around the world. It eliminates the sometimes-insurmountable hassles of having to locate and physically get to a facility to send or pick up wired funds. Cash is available within minutes at the nearest affiliated ATM.

Relay Capital's My Family(SM) card's primary focus is US families sending money to relatives abroad. A primary example is Hispanic immigrants that send money to relatives in their homeland. A recent LOS ANGELES TIMES article entitled, "Funds Sent to Mexico Hit Record" stated, "The central bank of Mexico projected that 2004 remittances would hit $16.3 billion, up 22% over 2003."

As globalization of business and jobs takes place, sending money to relatives in home countries is a market growing at an exponential pace. Executives at Denver-based Western Union Financial Services, Inc., a unit of First Data Corp., estimate that 175 million people around the globe send more than $150 billion a year back to their home countries.

Other markets for the My Family(SM) card include parents of students that have a need for money to be sent for the many expenses of a higher education. Unlike credit cards, the My Family(SM) stored-value debit card allows Parents and Students to budget funds and track spending instantly online without the worry of increasing their existing credit card debt.

Relay Capital will be introducing joint marketing programs for parent/student card sales through point of purchase displays at campus bookstores and retail outlets nationwide. Additionally, revenue sharing programs with alumni associations and booster clubs are currently being pursued.

With the successful acquisition of these contractual assets, Relay Capital anticipates that it will be able to offer expanded payroll products as well as define a niche market for its private label stored-value solutions. With Corporate Network's assistance, it expects to add new and expansive products linked to its card platform and provide its customers with a growing range of superior products and increased customer loyalty.

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Relay Capital Corporation (OTC: RLYC) ( is a developer and marketer of a wide range of prepaid financial services, including pre-paid stored-value cards, reward cards, employee payroll cards, gift, retail and affinity group cards, travel cards and fund transfer cards. It encompasses both the marketing and distribution of pre-paid and pay-transfer cards in concert with the development of loading centers. Loading centers are retail locations, such as convenience stores, check cashing facilities or other types of retail facilities serving to dispense or receive cash facilitating transactions for the stored-value card consumer.

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