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September 03, 2014 16:00 ET

ReliaBrand® Innovates Infant Bottle Feeding Sector by Introducing AdiriONE™ With Three Adjustable Flow Rates Delivered From One Bottle

KELOWNA, BC--(Marketwired - Sep 3, 2014) - AdiriONE™ baby bottle adjusts to a baby's flow needs instead of the baby adjusting to the bottle's nipple flow rate delivery. Consumer Goods Brand manufacturer ReliaBrand® (OTCQB: RLIA) officially announced the launch of their new AdiriONE™ today. "The AdiriONE™ takes the guess work out of flow rates for first time Moms and delivers daily feeding control back to Moms," ReliaBrand® CEO Antal Markus states. Markus further stated, "I watched the learning process my daughter-in-law Jessica went through feeding my granddaughter Olivia. As Olivia progressed from a newborn to toddler, Jessica was always second guessing what nipple flow to use. Olivia wanted a fast flow when she was hungry in the morning and if she was teething or fussy mood, she preferred a slower flow. The kitchen countertops were full of nipples and bottles." Markus closed by saying, "Mothers will enjoy the fact that they are in control of bottle feeding and the expensive education costs of trying bottles and nipples."

The problem:
Infants' breast or bottle feed at different rates depending on the infant's age, weight and other variables throughout each stage of their growth. This has resulted in baby bottle manufacturers creating a variety of individual flow rates of bottles and replacement nipples to attempt to help meet these rapidly changing infant feeding needs. Each traditional baby bottle brand typically offers 3 or 4 flow-rate options (newborn, slow, medium, and fast). Caregivers face continual replacement costs and wade through a sea of barely distinguishable retail options to attempt to find a suitable match for each stage of their infant's growth.

AdiriONE™ the solution:

It's as simple as dialing 1, 2, 3 and the AdiriONE™ adjusts to the exact flow rate of conventional slow, medium and fast flow rate nipple all from the convenience of one bottle. The AdiriONE™ maintains an iconic "Breast-Like™" shape, patented bottom "Petal-Vent™" design and other core competencies "modeled after Mom" and designed to replicate a 'natural' infant feeding experience. The AdiriONE™ category patent pending breakthrough innovation is its fully calibrated, user adjustable "flow-rates" designed to support every stage of an infant's growth. As a value added feature the AdiriONE™ comes with 3 interchangeable color bands to fashion accessorize. To view the AdiriONE™ please visit

AdiriONE solves retail shelving space:

This is equally problematic for major retailers forced to carry varying flow rates of bottles and nipples for each brand of baby bottle on their store shelves. Consumer returns due to incorrect flow-rate purchases are customary. Moreover this business model consumes a high occupancy of valuable retailer shelf space. Therefore, retailers seek to maximize the efficiency of every precious retail foot of shelf space. They continually seek to eliminate avoidable retail shelf space waste.

The adjustable-flow Adiri® ONE™ is designed to support every stage of an infant's varying feeding needs while reducing the retailer's valuable space requirements from "many" shelf facings to only 'ONE'. "Adiri® always aims for the heart," Mr. Markus revealed. "The Adiri® ONE™ was purpose-designed to win the hearts of Moms and Retailers alike because we built what they told us they would love to see. to

Both the Adiri® ONE™ and the official Adiri® USA launch date of Q1 of fiscal 2015 have been closely guarded secrets until recently. In preparation for the launch, the conventional Adiri® Nurser™ was sold nationwide through Walmart® Canada stores and through major US retailer e-commerce sites including Staples®, Walgreens® and®. Recently the Company executives met with over 3 dozen major retailers, distributors and trade media executives over a 3-day period at an ECRM® tradeshow in Tampa, Florida where the Adiri® ONE™ was first introduced confidentially to the industry. The retailers were represented from Canada, USA, U.K. and Mexico.

The Adiri® ONE™ will be unveiled en masse to international retail buyers for the 1st time at the ABC Kids Expo September 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ABC Kids Expo is the largest industry tradeshow held annually in the USA and attracts retail baby buyers from around the globe. "It has been challenging to keep silent," admitted ReliaBrand CEO Markus. "But now we are positioned to change gears and disclose to the world our major product branding developments. Today's announcement, albeit significant is only part of a very detailed and comprehensive product roll out. We will be announcing our full media and launch plans during the ABC Kids Expo and other corporate developments," Markus concluded.

About ReliaBrand® and Adiri®: Located in Kelowna, B.C. Canada, ReliaBrand® is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC Bulletin Board listed under the "RLIA" trading symbol. ReliaBrand owns and manufactures the Adiri® brand of infant feeding products. Adiri® is the most highly awarded baby bottle in the history of the category with international recognition for its superior medical benefits and revolutionary design.

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