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March 02, 2005 13:08 ET

Relocatable Housing: The Affordable Leisure Lifestyle

Relocatable housing and Park Model trailers at the Spring Motor Home & Trailer Show Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Automotive Editor, News Editor, Travel/Tourism Editor, Transportation Editor TORONTO, ON--(CCNMatthews - March 2, 2005) - Most traditional vacation properties (cottages, ski chalets, etc.) have been priced right out of the reach of young families and working couples on a budget. Most retirement properties are now priced out of reach of many people who are contemplating early retirement.
But there are alternatives. Affordable alternatives such as the Park Model trailers and the Relocatable Housing units that are part of the recreation vehicle family. Also known as Leisure Homes, units in the Relocatable Housing category are usually 30 feet or more in length and offer many of the same features and options of a Park Model Trailer. However, they are considerably wider - that's why they are often referred to as a "12-wide". Leisure Homes are built on a single chassis mounted on wheels, which may be stored by the owner or returned to the factory after the unit has been relocated. They really are built just like a small home, providing sleeping accommodations for 8 people or more, and are meant to be towed only occasionally to a new permanent location where the wheels are then removed and landscaping features are added. These are truly all-season homes that must be connected to local utilities such as Hydro and water after they are set up in their permanent location.

Every Leisure Home comes complete with sleeping, dining, cooking and bathroom facilities - like any other recreation vehicle - but they are also outfitted with additional appliances that make them suitable for long-term habitation. They can even be completely winterized for year-round use as a cottage or ski chalet with high-efficiency furnaces, heated tanks, upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows.

The Park Model Trailer, from 30 to 35 feet long, is built similarly to the larger Travel Trailers but is designed to be moved only occasionally. It can be moved without special permits but does require a heavy-duty tow vehicle such as a pick-up truck, sports-utility vehicle, mini-van, or full-size automobile. Providing sleeping accommodations for up to 8 people and built on a single chassis mounted on wheels, the Park Model Trailer is designed primarily to be used as a seasonal home like a small cottage or ski chalet. When moved to a new location, it requires hook-up to the local utilities at the site.Their maximum width when being towed is 102 inches, to allow them to be moved with a regular trailer license. These RV's cannot exceed 8½ feet in width, but may include one or two slide-out units to give you more living space. These slide-outs operate at the touch of a button to extend a section of the outside wall by at least 3½ feet. They can also be completely winterized for year-round use as a small cottage or ski chalet with high-efficiency furnaces, heated tanks, upgraded insulation and double-glazed windows.

Almost every example of these affordable alternatives to a cottage or retirement condo can be seen at the 2005 Spring Motor Home & Trailer Show. Wednesday, March 2 through Sunday, March 6. For show details, visit the show website at motorhomeandtrailershow.com.
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