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October 19, 2010 10:05 ET

Relyco Works to Solve Check Fraud With Comprehensive Portfolio of Secure Business Laser Checks and Affordable, Turnkey Laser Check Printing Solutions

For Organizations Printing Checks In-House, Relyco Is the Expert Source for Fully ANSI-Compliant Check Products and Most Complete Laser Check Printing Solution Sets

DOVER, NH--(Marketwire - October 19, 2010) -  Relyco, a leading provider of value-added business printing solutions, business equipment, and check printing solutions, today announced its comprehensive portfolio of secure business laser checks and the industry's most affordable, in-house turnkey laser check printing solutions. As an active member of the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) ASC X9.B check processing subcommittee, Relyco is an innovative leader in check fraud prevention strategies and an expert source for organizations printing checks in-house.

Checks still represent the largest category of non-cash payment methods. In a 2009 Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) survey, 80 percent of business-to-business transactions were being made by check. As a result, check fraud continues to be an issue. American Banker estimates check fraud growth will grow by two and half percent over the coming years. And, according to Ernst & Young, more than 500 million checks are forged annually; totaling more than $10 billion is losses.

"We've been providing check products and solutions to our customers for over 20 years and they have come to rely on us for our expertise and industry knowledge," said Mike Steinberg, president of Relyco. "Our ASC X9.B membership enables us to be a leader in this market and deliver cutting edge technologies and form designs that continue to help prevent fraud. Relyco has now branded all of our business laser check offerings, which we are officially rolling out today."

Relyco offers a full portfolio of secure, premium business laser checks in over 50 layouts to deliver high-quality MICR documents with up to 17 unique security features to meet any specific business need. All of Relyco's branded laser checks are kept up-to-date with all approved standards. Additionally, Relyco offers affordable, turnkey in-house check printing solutions with MICR check printers starting at the lowest entry point of $450. Other products include MICR laser printers and toner, check printing and signing software, secure envelopes, and post-processing equipment.

Relyco Business Laser Checks

  • ULTRACHEK® -- Relyco's "entry level" check far exceeds recommended banking standards for due diligence in terms of security with 11 fraud-deterring security features.
  • BASICHEK® -- offers 14 security features to help deter fraud, including Enhanced Toner Adhesion, commonly referred to as "Toner Grip." This special coating makes it difficult to lift or scrape the toner from the page.
  • MAGNACHEK® -- has the same array of built-in security features as the BASICHEK, but offers 3 1⁄2" checks -- ideal for users who are converting to laser from traditional 7" continuous documents where both the check and stub are 3 1⁄2" tall.
  • DETERACHEK® -- offers the most comprehensive array of security features available on the market with 17 fraud-deterring security features, including a Fourdrinier or "true" watermark that has been manufactured into the paper, as well as Thermochromic Ink.
  • FUTURACHEK® -- offers 15 security features, and includes an attractive, custom pantograph available in two color formats. Unique security features include, Enhanced Toner Adhesion, Covert Fluorescent Fibers which can be seen only with a UV light, Solvent Reactive Color Spotting, and a Multi-Language Chemical Void -- making it extremely difficult to alter the checks using a "chemical wash."
  • PROCHEK -- also offers 15 security features including the newest development in check security -- Securatek™ Copy Prevention Technology. This feature makes the reproduction of protected documents virtually impossible on a digital color copier.
  • ULTRASEAL® Pressure Seal Checks -- improves efficiency and increases the security of sensitive information by eliminating the envelope. ULTRASEAL checks have narrow bands of pressure-sensitive adhesive that completely seals the edges of the piece to create a secure, ready-for-mail document. The unique one-piece design offers up to 13 built-in security features, providing the perfect solution for the secure distribution of checks.
  • Canadian Compliant Checks -- Relyco offers a variety of cut sheet and pressure seal check layouts, in addition to custom checks, all designed to comply with Canadian standards.
  • Substitute Checks/IRDs -- Relyco IRD paper/ Substitute Checks are specifically designed to comply with the ANSI X9.100-140-2008 technical guidelines in size, layout, paper weight and document security.
  • Custom Business Checks -- Relyco can custom imprint all of its stock check products with logos, addresses, MICR line or other information to satisfy any business requirement. 

MICR Laser Printers and Toner
Using MICR technology, Relyco MICR laser printers and MICR toner ensure consistent and efficient check printing that meets ANSI standards. Plus, Relyco offers printers with locking trays for added security and standard toner for non-MICR applications. Relyco is the exclusive provider of Samsung powered MICR printers and offers printers from TROY, Source Technologies, Rosette and ACOM.

Check Printing and Signing Software
Relyco provides its FlexCheck check printing and signing software and TROY's check writing software. These software packages enhance off-the-shelf accounting software with MICR printing capabilities to easily print fully formatted checks with MICR lines and signatures.

Secure Check Envelopes
Specially designed with check security in mind, Relyco high security check envelopes protect critical bank routing and account information with the use of an inside security tint and unique window positioning.

Post-Processing Equipment
For a comprehensive business printing solution, Relyco offers a wide range of Formax post-printing equipment -- including bursters and cutters, check signers, decollators, envelope openers, folder inserters, pressure-sealers and shredders

Pricing and Availability
All of Relyco's check printing products are currently available. For pricing and more information on individual items as well as complete, turnkey MICR check printers starting as low as $450, contact Relyco by calling 1-800-777-7359 or emailing

About Relyco
Relyco is a leading provider of value-added business printing solutions, business equipment, and check printing software with over 10,000 customers worldwide. As one of the largest distributors of laser and digital applications, including laser checks and other high-security documents, Relyco's long-standing membership in the ASC X9AB check processing committee and extensive experience with fraud prevention strategies and new forms technologies positions it as the most innovative leader in the business printing solutions field. Relyco's customers include Google, J. Jill, PepsiCo, Samsung, Adobe and Microsoft. For more information, please visit

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