August 03, 2015 07:00 ET

Remarkable In-Ear Wearable Device Helps Women With Fertility Awareness

YONO Is the Only Wearable Offering Accurate, Comfortable and an Effortless Way to Understand Ovulation Cycles, Making It Easier for Women to Manage Their Reproductive and Overall Health

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 3, 2015) - Launching today, YONO is a new in-ear wearable to help women understand their ovulation cycles and predict their fertility window when trying to get pregnant. With 1 in 8 couples experiencing difficulty when trying to conceive, YONO hopes to help more women manage their health with solid data.

YONO is the only wearable health device worn in the ear to measure BBT. The very comfortable, silicone-encased tiny thermometer provides a highly accurate measurement of a woman's basal body temperature. Because the temperature is taken in the closed and controlled environment of the ear canal, the sensor captures the most accurate data without being affected by the ambient temperature. The YONO device collects 70-120 data points each night to determine the lowest temperature while resting. The associated YONO smartphone APP collects and analyzes the information. YONO's proprietary algorithm takes this temperature data, along with information from the user about other physical symptoms, to predict ovulation timing and provide advice about hormonal health.

"Most basal thermometers require you to measure your temperature first thing in the morning, which already is inaccurate, considering that you reached your basal temperature, which is your lowest resting temperature, in the middle of the night," said Vanessa Xi, CEO and founder, YONO Labs. "I created YONO out of my own personal challenges with conception and I saw first-hand the need for technology to accurately give me the data I needed. YONO is a wearable that gives women precise information, is very discreet, easy to use and takes the guesswork out of getting pregnant."

For women trying to conceive, it's important to understand the ovulation cycle since it significantly increases chance of getting pregnant. Previously, the process of taking and recording the BBT was frustrating and fraught with potential miscalculations. A woman would take her temperature immediately upon waking (not moving at all), using a traditional thermometer under the tongue, and waiting as long as three to five minutes for the temperature to read. The information would be recorded by hand daily, over the course of a month, and if all went well, there would be the telltale temperature drop and subsequent rise indicating that ovulation occurred. If a woman missed one day of recording, it could mean missing vital information and the process would have to start all over again the following month.

"Trying to get pregnant should be exciting, but can be quite stressful if everything doesn't line up perfectly. YONO's solution is simple, smart and accurate. YONO gives couples peace of mind when trying to conceive," continued Xi. "The device monitors for the user's most fertile days and provides helpful tips should you need to talk with your doctor about next steps. YONO gives women the powerful information women need so they make good decisions about their overall health."

YONO works like this:

  • A woman wears the comfortable silicone-encased earpiece (similar to an ear bud) all night where data is collected multiple times to determine lowest BBT
  • The earpiece is stored in the Base Station where the data is transferred and synced with the YONO iOS or Android APP
  • The YONO APP uses the readings to plot a monthly BBT chart, analyzes the data and predicts the monthly fertile window
  • The APP helps women manage their overall health and track other symptoms associated with ovulation.
  • With data analytics, YONO becomes more predictive with each monthly cycle
  • YONO base station is portable and only needs to be charged once a week

YONO will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $119 starting August 3rd 2015 with a goal of $30,000. YONO will be priced at $149 at retail. For more information, visit

About YONO Labs

YONO Labs empowers women with solid data about their health. YONO's first product is a revolutionary patent-pending fertility wearable device. Based in Silicon Valley, YONO Labs is founded by women leaders from Stanford GSB, OB/GYN from Kaiser Permanente, software engineers and an executive from high tech companies. The YONO team understands and cares about women's health. You know with YONO. For more information, visit

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