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March 13, 2015 16:31 ET

Remarketing Website Visitors Doesn't Always Work Warns First Page SEO

First Page SEO ( a top Ontario search engine marketing company warns site owners that remarketing, or targeting site visitors with offers usually doesn't work, and for many types of businesses, it can damage their customer relationship

MINDEN, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 13, 2015) - Website remarketing of site visitors has been going on now for more than ten years. In the past few years, webmasters have increasingly moved beyond just targeting by analytics and cookie tracking. Targeting people who have visited a site with specific offers that are emailed post site visit is a practice that goes back about 5 years. Recently, due to various companies selling remarketing packages, the frequency has intensified. Companies who sell remarketing services won't tell you that remarketing doesn't work for many businesses. For many types of businesses, remarketing can hurt your customer relationship, warns Mark Coles, Owner of First Page SEO (, one of the top search engine marketing companies in Ontario

"Remarketing is not illegal in the pure sense of the word, unless the site owner is remarketing to a site visitor who has not signed on for the remarketing service and has not accepted the terms of service. Site owners need site visitor consent to send out remarketing emails. If you send an auto email to a site visitor after they have viewed specific products or services on your website, and then follow up by trying to sell that visitor another offer or product without their express consent, then you have just broken the anti-spam laws in Canada," says Coles.

"Anti-spam laws are very specific in that there is no implied consent. If the site visitor hasn't double opted into a mailing list or they have not read and agreed to your privacy and remarketing terms, you could be in trouble legally if someone wants to hold you to account. You will note that if you buy goods from a big-brand online cart site, they are very careful that you check the box to consent to their terms. In those terms, one of the things they take care of in all that legalese is the consent to be remarketed," explains Coles

Is Remarketing Ethical?

Well, it depends on how you look at it. If you have no specific consent to remarket the customer, it is not ethical because you are not in accordance with the law. If the website viewer has given express consent, then you have to ask yourself does it really benefit your customer or is it just invading their privacy? Remarketing works best when selling products on the web on a cart site, where the site visitor has been tracked around the site and has purchased something online, agreeing to the site owner's purchase terms/remarketing request in the process of making the purchase. Then post-sale, after a reasonable amount of time, the site owner emails the customer an offer such as a loyalty discount or other products specific to their interests. Ideally, you don't remarket them until they revisit your site more than once, and they have brand trust. Consumer essential products work better than expensive discretionary products.

When Does Remarketing Not Work?

  • When there is no website visitor consent
  • When there is no previous purchase trust relationship with the customer
  • The higher cost of goods and the more disposable income-orientated the site viewers are; the more sophisticated the consumer and the least likely they will like that you targeted them
  • Never remarket a product of a personal nature
  • Remember that hardly anyone wants their privacy invaded and they will almost always know when they have been targeted for personal interests
  • If you can't be 100% confident that you can protect the customer's personal data, then don't remarket

If you are selling products to a loyal consenting customer base and there is something in it for them, it can help you. Customers like to save money, and they like good value, so remarketing may help you to sell more product. If you are trying to sell high-end cars, vacations or real estate, for example, think twice. Most people in this category want to keep their privacy; they do not appreciate targeting and they almost always know when they have been targeted. How you remarket to this type of audience (even when they have consented) is best left to those that understand the psychology of web retail, and not by a company attempting to sell a remarketing program.

"Poll after poll shows that people really value their privacy, and they don't like the idea of being targeted by government, retailers, banks, telephone cold calls, and certainly not via the web. Website visitors have no confidence that personal information collected will remain in confidence. Every week new security breaches are broadcast to the public. Look what just happened to Lenovo computers when the public clued-in to their factory installed Superfish data mining software. It would be very difficult indeed to find someone that knowingly wants their personal interests targeted," says Coles.

Over the next few years, enforcement will be stepped up for both the protection of consumers and to enforce privacy rights. Privacy is being heavily scrutinized right now - in the medical system, government laws (including the new terrorist laws being introduced in Canada right now), cross-border travel, retail databases, web marketing and other similar examples. People believe that they have a right to privacy, and the information that they give up by necessity needs to be held secure, at all costs. Think carefully about the pros and cons before you jump on board with a web-based remarketing program, and if you are going to remarket, make sure you have the customer's consent," adds Coles.

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