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December 11, 2007 08:00 ET

Remedy Interactive Technology Advisory Council Identifies Opportunities for Developing Integrated Disability Management Programs

SAUSALITO, CA--(Marketwire - December 11, 2007) - Remedy Interactive, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise solutions that help Global 1000 companies leverage human capital risk management to reduce their workers' compensation costs, today announced new conclusions regarding integrated disability management and workers' compensation management practices from its Fall Technology Advisory Council meeting. Remedy Interactive's Technology Advisory Council includes senior leaders from the health and safety, risk management, and workers' compensation divisions of AIG Consultants, Inc.; ALGO Enterprises, LLC; Chevron; Disney; ESIS, Inc.; Health Net; Hewlett Packard; Safety National Casualty Corporation; Sedgwick CMS; UnitedHealth Group; U.S. Ergonomics; and Washington Mutual.

During its meeting, the Council found that strict budgets and competition between internal departments are the two biggest barriers to totally integrated benefits management. The Council also discussed that most companies usually treat workers' compensation separately from other integrated benefits. As a result, the accountability for workers' compensation remains strong but focused within specific departments. Given that healthcare costs can account for 10-12% of a company's payroll, the Council acknowledged that it's important for employers and health care insurers to identify critical behaviors for changing how they view and handle integrated benefits, and find incentives for these constituents to improve compliance, reduce costs and incorporate workers' compensation.

Spring Consulting Group, LLC Senior Partner John Cassell and Principal Teri Weber presented the Council with insights from recent studies of integrated disability management programs, which found that most employers do not yet have a totally integrated program. However most indicate a commitment to doing so: "The majority (86%) of organizations integrate some of their benefits (including workers' compensation) programs, with the propensity higher at larger organizations." Spring Consulting's studies also found that for companies with strong integrated disability programs, workers' compensation is not always the highest priority for them. The Council added that workers' compensation and health and safety functions, however, may be uniquely positioned to drive effective integrated disability programs because these functions have always had to manage efficiently with no options for cost-shifting or plan switching. Cassell concluded that there's a long way to go before total integration is the rule rather than the exception. However, significant macro trends (aging workforce, decreasing number of available workers, increasing health care costs, etc.) are more likely to drive these initiatives forward than anything that has happened in the past.

"Human capital management should be a company's most important focus, yet many companies fail to protect this resource until it's too late. Remedy Interactive is committed to identifying the issues that preclude companies from better managing their injury prevention programs (educating them on how to reduce claims and workers' compensation costs), and helping them see the connection between better human capital management and risk management success," said Kim Lopez, CEO of Remedy Interactive. "Our Technology Advisory Council is committed to leading by example by building bridges between the stakeholders within their own companies, then influencing the industry at large."

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