June 16, 2011 08:33 ET

RemedyMD Mosaic Platform Selected by University of Maryland School of Medicine for New Disease Registry

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - Jun 16, 2011) - RemedyMD has been selected by the Center for Celiac Research and the Mucosal Biology Research Center at the University of Maryland School of Medicine to provide a gastrointestinal and respiratory tract disease registry. The Center for Celiac Research will use the registry to further their mission to serve as a unique multidisciplinary research center using cutting edge tools to study the molecular basis for human diseases.

RemedyMD registry software aggregates, harmonizes, and links together organizations' data using the Mosaic™ Platform, so that researchers can use RemedyMD's powerful querying tools to examine data from any source. Mosaic's built-in OntologyManager™ can accommodate all major standards such as LOINC, CPT, ICD, SnoMed, UMLS, and others. Organizations searching for health research systems, including accountable care organizations, use RemedyMD's medical research software to solve the toughest health care IT research problems.

"We're happy that the University of Maryland School of Medicine chose our software to help aggregate data and to ensure these data are harmonized and researchable," said Gary D. Kennedy, CEO of RemedyMD. "Our querying, reporting, and data visualization capabilities will accelerate new research findings, which is exciting."

A RemedyMD medical registry offers key advantages to researchers including:

  • The ability to link together data that may be contained in myriad spreadsheets or databases
  • Technology to harmonize data through an ontology so all data are consistent and research-ready
  • Robust tools and applications to mine, query, and analyze that data, and
  • Tools for setting up and managing multiple studies and experiments

Other organizations using RemedyMD registries include Wisconsin's Blood Research Institute, the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Children's National Medical Center, UC Davis, and many others.

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RemedyMD helps researchers aggregate and harmonize data from widely disparate sources and then identify patterns that result in accelerated discoveries. A RemedyMD medical registry leverages health care IT software to create better clinical decision support systems and improve clinical research data management -- whether you need an electronic lab notebook, a clinical registry, patient registry software, or a Lab Information Management System (LIMS system). These tools help researchers to collect, host, manage, and query data regardless of source. Researchers use the RemedyMD software to conduct experiments, manage studies and biospecimens, and even build their own registries. For more information visit:

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