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March 08, 2011 15:59 ET

RemedyMD Selected as Medical Research Software of Choice by OMRF for New Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence

Medical Registry Upgrade Expected to Dramatically Accelerate Research Efforts for the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - RemedyMD, pioneers in health IT research and health research systems, has been selected by the OMRF to provide a disease registry to help further care to MS patients and also conduct research focused on understanding the disease process and improving clinical outcomes for people with the illness. The center's physician-scientists will also conduct clinical and laboratory research, seeking a deeper understanding of a condition that affects an estimated 400,000 Americans.

RemedyMD is providing Investigate™, an integrated Research Management System based on its Mosaic™ platform, which is known for bringing together data from disparate sources to reveal a broader picture of complex diseases using cutting-edge querying tools. In addition to clinical data management, the registry will help manage longitudinal data from patients and includes a research registry for Multiple Sclerosis.

The center will feature a host of facilities dedicated to MS evaluation and treatment, including technologically advanced examining rooms, a tower infusion suite, ambulation evaluation with MS-dedicated physical therapy, and computerized neurocognitive testing. It will also offer MS patients the chance to participate in clinical trials, providing them access to experimental therapies not yet widely available.

"The scientists at the OMRF Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence are engaged in clinical and laboratory research collaborations with researchers across the U.S. and in Italy, England, Denmark, and Switzerland," said OMRF President Stephen Prescott, M.D. "By teaming up with the world's foremost MS researchers to understand the root causes and progression of the disease, we'll improve the care we can deliver to Oklahomans. That's the bottom line."

RemedyMD medical research software offers key advantages to researchers including

  • The ability to link together data that may be contained in myriad spreadsheets or databases
  • Technology to harmonize all data through an ontology so all data are consistent and research-ready
  • Tools for setting up and managing multiple studies and experiments, and
  • Robust tools and applications to mine, query, and analyze that data

"Health care information technology today must facilitate collaboration between multiple sites where all available data are harmonized, aggregated, and research-ready," comments RemedyMD CEO Gary D. Kennedy. "This center is so advanced in so many ways; it's going to be exciting to see what research breakthroughs the future holds."

Other organizations using RemedyMD registries include Wisconsin's Blood Research Institute, Children's National Medical Center, University of Maryland School of Medicine, and many others.

RemedyMD is hosting several upcoming free webinars demonstrating their technology. Topics, dates, and times can be viewed at

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