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Here We Grow Productions, Inc.

September 08, 2009 15:55 ET

Remember Your Mother Telling You, "You Are What You Eat"? Here We Grow Documentary Will Debut at Whole Foods on September 9th, 2009

BOULDER, CO--(Marketwire - September 8, 2009) - Craig King of Boulder Colorado proudly announces the release of his first Film, "Here We Grow," which will be available at Whole Foods nationwide on September 9th. "Here We Grow" is a documentary based on Craig King's efforts to help educate and teach all individuals -- regardless of income or station in life -- how to budget, buy, and prepare fresh, wholesome food.

Four years ago Craig King was serving as personal natural food chef to some of America's most elite clientele. While King loved his job, he believed it was important and possible to teach individuals that it is easy to budget, buy, and prepare wholesome food. Selecting film as the way to deliver his message, King went about learning the behind-the-scenes roles of writer, interviewer, site selector, cameraman, editor, director and producer. Making the documentary, telling his story and learning the art of film making, became King's solitary mission for the past four years.

Along the way, King set out to enlist the help of others who had equal passion about the alarming changes in our current food supply, the health of our youngsters, and the growing health problems in our general population. In the film, through interviews these experts help tell King's story of food awareness, how to shop for wholesome food, and how to become healthier through socially responsible food choices.

King's team includes the Who's Who of the whole food movement. Notables such as Steve Demos, Founder of White Wave and Next Foods; Heather Mills, food and international animal activist; Pierre Ferrari, Former Sr. VP Coca Cola Corp USA; James Turner, Chairman, Citizens for Health; Tara Guber, CEO Yoga Ed; Marc Barsach, Founder, Green Campaign; Theresa Kiene, Founder, Home Made Baby; Chef Ann Cooper, the Renegade Lunch Lady; and many others signed on to make a powerful statement in King's documentary -- "Here We Grow." The film goes on sale nationwide September 9th at Whole Foods markets. For more information see:

Craig King has been in the frontline of the natural foods movement since its early days in Southern California. As a natural foods chef for nearly 20 years, Craig has always been a supporter of sustainable farming practices. Having been highly influenced by his grandfather who worked as a chef and grocer, Craig grew up developing a great appreciation for fresh, whole foods. Prior to becoming a chef, Craig was an actor traveling around the world and appearing in television commercials, which afforded him the opportunity to experience many of the world cultures and food styles. Once Craig turned his full attention towards the world of culinary service, he was able to turn his true passion of socially responsible cooking into a successful career. After years of serving the who's who of Hollywood, Craig decided to settle in Boulder, Colorado, the home to many of the nation's natural food leaders. During his career in Boulder, Craig has served the founders of Wild Oats, Whole Foods, Silk Soymilk and many other natural food pioneers. After many years as a personal chef, Craig left the private sector to create socially responsible retail food establishments. In addition to opening juice bars and cafes, Craig has consulted with many innovative chefs in his community, training them to be socially responsible and to promote sustainable farming and conscious cuisine.

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