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March 28, 2011 08:01 ET

Reminder: 2H2M & ThinkSpot Give Back- International Corporate Philanthropy Day

In recognition of International Corporate Philanthropy Day, two Burlington businesses are giving back, offering their expertise for not for profits to leverage corporate volunteers.

Attention: Business/Financial Editor, City Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor BURLINGTON, ON, FREE NON-PROFIT WORKSHOP ANNOUNCED--(Marketwire - March 28, 2011) - In recognition of International Corporate Philanthropy Day, two Burlington businesses are giving back, offering their expertise to not for profits. ThinkSpot and 2H2M Services have joined forces to help up to 20 local not for profits come together and identify opportunities to make use of corporate or employer-sponsored volunteers.

"In these lean economic times, not for profits are facing challenges in meeting their fundraising goals. At the same time, companies are increasingly interested in giving back to organizations they see as a good fit, and being able to engage their employees is an important criteria" says Lynn Fergusson, Managing Director, 2H2M Services, an organization helping companies create engaging community giving programs. "Not for profits that are able to identify opportunities to make use of these volunteers will be in a better position to gain corporate supporters, not only financially but with their time and expertise."

Debra Pickfield, creator of ThinkSpot, believes in giving back to the community. It's simply part of who she is and how she does business. "I'm excited to work with Lynn to bring together local not for profits in ThinkSpot's collaborative space, to share their experiences in a safe environment and enable them to generate exciting new opportunities and energy around corporate volunteers. Tapping into the wisdom within groups of individuals, focused on an idea or opportunity, is what creates new and innovative ways of collaborating. The magic is in the conversation and the energy it creates. We'll be using World Café tools (www.theworldcafe.com) to help this unfold."

The complimentary workshop announced today will be held at ThinkSpot, 492 Locust St., Burlington, on Wednesday, March 30th, 9am to noon, followed by a light lunch to allow further dialogue by participants seeking to explore opportunities. Interested not for profit senior staff or Board members should go to http://www.eventbrite.com/org/930503245 to register for "How to Foster Corporate Volunteers to Benefit Your Not for Profit" - spaces are limited.

"I believe this is meeting a real need for not for profits", says Lynn, "and I can think of no better place to bring people together to develop new possibilities, than at ThinkSpot."

About ThinkSpot
ThinkSpot was conceived based on searching for the answer to one simple question. How can meeting experiences change from forgettable, uninspired and even a waste of time, into memorable, inspiring, and an investment worth the time of every participant?

Debra Pickfield as founder of ThinkSpot believed this was possible. Providing tools ranging from how to engage in great dialogue, to the latest technology, first class amenities, and an inspired space it was possible to create the ingredients for a great meeting environment. A meeting where relaxed, energized and well-equipped individuals can be at their best: to tackle their most difficult challenges, build teams, and create great ideas. From these beliefs ThinkSpot came to life.

For more information about ThinkSpot, visit www.thinkspot.ca

About 2H2M Services
2H2M Services helps organizations give back strategically, aligning companies' Hearts, Hands, Minds and Money. 2H2M helps businesses and other organizations focus volunteer and charitable support for greater impact on the company, employees and community. The 2H2M process and expertise will help you select an organization(s) to support that makes sense for your business, aligning with your company's objectives and brand, and a fit for your employees and customers. Led by Lynn Fergusson, MBA, 2H2M helps establish or improve employee volunteer programs and engage employees in your company's philanthropic activities.

More information about 2H2M Services can be found at www.2H2M.ca

About International Corporate Philanthropy Day
Each year on the fourth Monday in February, the corporate giving community, led by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), observes International Corporate Philanthropy Day (ICPD), an international advocacy day intended to build awareness of corporate-community partnerships and to inspire businesses around the world to engage further in philanthropy. The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the UN Office for Partnerships, in conjunction with CECP, recognize the ICPD by hosting a special program on opportunities for philanthropy to help advance the Millennium Development Goals.
More information on ICPD can be found at: http://www.corporatephilanthropy.org/events/international-corporate-philanthropy-day.html
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