July 11, 2008 07:30 ET

REMINDER/ICAR: The First Mirabel Grand Prix

MIRABEL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - July 10, 2008) - The International Club Academy Racing (ICAR) is hosting, this year, the first Mirabel Grand Prix, from July 11th to13th, 2008. For this event, ICAR will be receiving, on its new circuit, drivers from groups such as Canadian Touring, VARAC, Toyota Pirelli Coupe, Formula Tour and Pirelli Xtreme Touring.


(i) Subject to change without notice

Friday July 11th, 2008
8h30 Site opens to public
10h00 - 10h20 Canadian Touring Free Practice # 1
10h30 - 10h45 VARAC Free Practice # 1
10h55 - 11h15 Coupe Toyota Pirelli Free Practice
11h25 - 11h45 Formula Tour Free Practice # 1
11h55 - 12h15 XTreme Touring Pirelli Free Practice
12h25 - 12h40 VARAC Free Practice # 2
12h50 - 13h40 MUSTANG ICAR HOT LAPS ICAR MUSTANG session # 1
13h50 - 14h10 Canadian Touring Free Practice # 2
14h20 - 14h35 VARAC Free Practice # 3
14h45 - 15h05 Coupe Toyota Pirelli Qualifying session # 1
15h15 - 15h35 Formula Free Practice # 2
15h45 - 16h05 XTreme Touring Pirelli Qualifying session # 1
16h15 - 16h30 VARAC Free Practice # 3
16h40 - 17h30 MUSTANG ICAR HOT LAPS ICAR MUSTANG session # 2

Saturday July 12th, 2008
8h30 Site opens to public
09h30 - 09h50 Canadian Touring Qualifying session
10h00 - 10h15 VARAC Qualiffying session # 1
10h25 - 10h45 Coupe Toyota Pirelli Qualifiying session # 2
10h55 - 11h20 Formula Tour Qualifiying session # 1
11h30 - 11h50 XTreme Touring Pirelli Qualifiying session # 2
12h00 - 12h15 VARAC Race # 1
12h25 - 13h10 MUSTANG ICAR HOT LAPS ICAR MUSTANG session # 1
13h20 - 13h50 Canadian Touring Race # 1
14h00 - 14h20 VARAC Race # 2
14h30 - 15h00 Coupe Toyota Pirelli Race # 1
15h10 - 15h40 XTreme Touring Pirelli Race # 1
15h50 - 16h20 Formula Race # 1
16h30 - 17h30 MUSTANG HOT LAPS ICAR MUSTANG session # 2

Sunday July 13th, 2008
08h30 Site opens to public
09h00 - 09h15 Canadian Touring Warm-up
09h20 - 09h30 VARAC Grid - Drivers presentation
09h30 - 09h50 VARAC Race # 3
10h00 - 10h15 Coupe Toyota Pirelli Warm-up
10h25 - 10h50 Formula Tour Qualifying session # 2
11h00 - 11h15 XTreme Touring Pirelli Warm-up
11h25 - 12h10 MUSTANG ICAR HOT LAPS ICAR MUSTANG session # 1
12h20 - 12h30 Canadian Touring Grid - Drivers presentation
12h30 - 13h00 Canadian Touring Race # 3
13h05 - 13h15 Coupe Toyota Pirelli Grid - Drivers presentation
13h15 - 13h45 Coupe Toyota Pirelli Race # 2
13h50 - 14h00 Formula Grid - Drivers presentation
14h00 - 14h30 Formula Race # 2
14h35 - 14h45 XTreme Touring Pirelli Grid - Drivers presentation
14h45 - 15h15 XTreme Touring Pirelli Race # 2
15h45 Podium

Tickets will be on sale at the door at the cost of $9.50 for Friday, $15 for Saturday as well as Sunday.

Furthermore, ICAR will offer to its spectators several packages that will enable them to enjoy incomparable experiences. People will be able to tour the circuit in Mustangs driven by professional drivers or purchase a carting package allowing them to drive around the circuit in SODIKART, an exclusive experience offered in Canada only by ICAR. Spectators will also be able to reserve Richard Petty Driving Experience which is circuit tours in NASCAR race cars driven by professional drivers, which will be held on July 30 and 31, 2008.

About ICAR

The International Club Academy Racing (ICAR), an ultramodern complex for motorsports located at the site of Mirabel Airport, aims to become a leader in the high performance car racing industry. The ICAR complex, which officially opened in mid-may 2008, offers a configurable, high-end/high-tech circuit with very innovative security norms. The management of the ICAR Academy offers corporation as well as to the general public a large variety of advance, controlled environment driving and racing programs where participants will be able to experience high speeds in the ICAR Mustang driven by a professional driver or register to an ICAR Mustang GT high performance package. ICAR expects that its unique complex will serve as a showcase for the automotive industry to hold events such as launches of their new car models, private testing or to introduce customer loyalty programs. The private ICAR Club will offer its members unlimited track time and several exclusive high-end services, such as a gourmet cuisine restaurant and lounge in an exclusive pavilion. Further information about the ICAR Academy programs is available online at www.circuiticar.com.

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