December 13, 2010 06:00 ET

REMINDER: MEDIA ADVISORY: Michelle King Robson, Founder of Scottsdale-Based Women's Health Media Company EmpowHER, Featured Prominently in Award-Winning Documentary Premiering in Scottsdale on December 16

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - December 13, 2010) -

WHAT: Women's health advocate, philanthropist and EmpowHER founder Michelle King Robson of Phoenix, AZ will be featured in critically acclaimed "Hot Flash Havoc, A Film of Menopausal Proportions," which will premiere at an upcoming event in the Valley. The award-winning film is an enlightening, entertaining, humorous, and profound crash-course in what every woman or man needs to know about menopause. While this film is informative as well as funny, it also takes a serious look at the brutal effects hormone imbalances can have on women going through menopause or perimenopause. In the movie, Robson, 51, who had a hysterectomy that resulted in a severe hormonal imbalance in her early 40s, talks about the devastation and hopelessness she felt as a result of the hormonal health issues that she was unable to find proper treatment for. "I got worse than I ever thought I could," says Robson in the film interview. "And I got to a point where all I wanted to do was take my life." Thankfully, Robson was eventually able to find the help she needed to manage her hormone levels properly.

Watch the "Hot Flash Havoc" trailer featuring Michelle King Robson

WHEN: 5:30pm, December 16, 2010

WHERE: Harkins Theater at Fashion Square Mall, Scottsdale, AZ

WHO: A nationally-recognized women's health advocate, Michelle King Robson is the Founder, Chairperson and CEO of EmpowHER, an award-winning health media company for women in Scottsdale, AZ. She started the company following her own personal struggle with a debilitating health issue. A tireless voice for women and the visionary behind EmpowHER, Michelle travels the world talking to women's groups, health care organizations, political leaders, regulatory bodies and the media about women's health and wellness issues, and about the importance of women advocating for themselves and their loved ones.

WHY: Michelle King Robson has made it her personal mission to make sure that no other woman has to suffer like she did due to lack of information or support during her time of need. Robson's appearance in this film is just one more significant way she working toward accomplishing her goal.

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