SOURCE: Bomgar Corporation

December 30, 2008 03:03 ET

Remote Control Software Ownership Model Curbs Unpredictable Expense

Bomgar's Remote Support Solutions Offer Remote Control of Attended and Unattended Computers Without the Hassle and Expense of Monthly Fees, 3rd Party Security Audits, and Integrating With Third Party Servers

RIDGELAND, MS--(Marketwire - December 30, 2008) - Part of the appeal of SaaS applications is the low up-front capital outlay. However, integrating the software with the existing infrastructure, staying on top of 3rd party vendors' security measures, and coping with unexpected increases in subscription rates represent hidden costs that may outweigh the apparent savings. The ownership model of Bomgar's appliance-based remote control software offers enterprise organizations an opportunity to implement a secure remote support solution that produces ROI within 6 to 9 months without any surprises.

According to a recent total cost of ownership analysis, SaaS remote support applications, while requiring a lower initial investment, can cost about 250% more than Bomgar's ownership model over just a few years.

Additional savings are realized through Bomgar's licensing model (which can cut costs by 25 to 60%), the application's compatibility with multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry), and Bomgar's unique Jump Technology. Jump enables support technicians to gain control of unattended remote computers through firewalls for easy support of servers, desktops, terminals, and Point of Sale systems.

While supporting unattended computers is possible with SaaS applications, it is usually available only as a separate purchase. With Bomgar's remote control software, it's part of the package. Using Jump Technology, remote access software agents can be installed on as many remote computers as needed without having to purchase new licenses. This also enables IT to replace legacy remote access tools.

Regardless of cost, security and performance remain the primary concern with any remote control solution. Bomgar's appliance-based remote control solution resides behind the perimeter of an enterprise's already-established security measures and no company data is routed through a 3rd party. This eliminates the need for security audits and simplifies compliance.

Companies implementing Bomgar have also reduced first call resolution by 20 to 100%, eliminated on-site visits by 80 to 100%, and decreased call times by 30 to 80%.

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