Renaissance Ingredients Inc.

Renaissance Ingredients Inc.

October 16, 2015 07:00 ET

Renaissance Ingredients' Testing of its Non-GMO Acrylamide-Reducing Baker's Yeast Shows 80% Acrylamide Reduction in Bread and Toast

VANCOUVER, CANADA--(Marketwired - Oct. 16, 2015) - Renaissance Ingredients Inc. is pleased to release the results of an in-house, laboratory-scale trial of the efficacy of its non-GMO acrylamide-reducing (AR) baker's yeast for applications in the global bread and baked goods market. In this test, using AR baker's yeast instead of conventional baker's yeast reduced the acrylamide in white and whole wheat bread and toast by an average of 80%.

This reduction was observed in untoasted bread, as well as across three degrees of toasting (light, medium and dark), which can increase acrylamide levels by up to ten times the amount in the untoasted bread. In most cases, the acrylamide level in the toasted bread made with the AR yeast was equal to the acrylamide level in the untoasted bread made with the conventional yeast. Importantly, no changes to the bread-making or baking processes-other than the use of AR yeast in place of conventional yeast-were required in order to achieve these reductions.

"These results confirm the efficacy, simplicity and seamlessness of using our AR yeast in all varieties of baked goods," said Renaissance Ingredients' president, Dr. Matthew Dahabieh. "We are also exceptionally pleased with the consistency exhibited by our AR yeast in reducing acrylamide across all levels of toasting. Essentially, our AR yeast eliminates the significant potential acrylamide that can be formed by end-consumer toasting of bread."

Renaissance's AR yeast strains are traditional baker's yeast with an accelerated natural ability to consume asparagine, the precursor of acrylamide found naturally in many foods. In baking, AR yeast can seamlessly replace conventional baker's yeast without disrupting the baking process.

"Our in-house studies highlight the seamless efficacy of our AR yeast in reducing acrylamide in baked goods and toast. We are now looking to demonstrate this efficacy in pilot-scale trials by working closely with additional interested industry partners," adds Dahabieh.

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Renaissance Ingredients is an applied life sciences company that develops and commercializes AR yeast for the global food manufacturing industry for foods such as bread, baked goods, savory snack foods, cereal products, coffee, and potato products such as potato chips and French fries.

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