November 23, 2015 11:53 ET

Reno Creek Project Receives Aquifer Exemption Approval from EPA

AUC's Permit to Mine is Now Complete

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO--(Marketwired - Nov. 23, 2015) - AUC LLC ("AUC") is pleased to report that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued its formal concurrence with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) Aquifer Exemption recommendation. This decision by the EPA completes AUC's Permit to Mine for the Reno Creek Project (the "Project").

EPA's Record of Decision, issued October 2015, notes that the portion of the Production Zone Aquifer proposed for the exemption does not serve as a source of drinking water, and that the WDEQ has demonstrated that any fluids injected or mobilized will stay in the aquifer exemption area. EPA also observed that no public comments were received by WDEQ during the public comment period for the aquifer exemption. The Permit to Mine, earlier issued by the WDEQ, affirmed that the mining and processing operations, groundwater restoration, and final reclamation can be accomplished with no significant environmental consequences.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is currently reviewing AUC's application and is in the process of preparing a Source Materials License and a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for publication.

The Reno Creek Project

The Project includes approximately 21,000 acres of private land, plus a small amount of Wyoming State land, located in the Powder River Basin of northeastern Wyoming, USA, a well-established ISR uranium mining district. Operating uranium ISR projects in or near the Powder River Basin include Uranium One's Willow Creek project, Cameco Corporation's Smith Ranch-Highland and North Butte facilities, and Energy Fuels' Nichols Ranch project. Peninsula Energy's Lance Project is in the late stages of construction in Crook County, WY. Several other projects are in the permitting stage in Wyoming and adjacent South Dakota.

AUC issued a Preliminary Feasibility Study, prepared by Tetra Tech and TREC, Inc., on May 9, 2014, which highlighted several features of the Project1 .

  • Measured and Indicated Resources of 21.9 million pounds U3O8 at 0.30 %-ft GT cutoff
  • Inferred Resources of 1.6 million pounds U3O8at 0.30 %-ft GT cutoff
  • 20.1 million pounds of Probable Reserves as U3O8
  • Recoverable uranium of 14.9 million pounds U3O8
  • Production designed for up to 1.5 million pounds U3O8 per year
  • Initial Capital Cost: US$78.4 million
  • Cash Operating Costs: US$18.84 per pound U3O8
  • Total Project Costs (pre-tax): US$33.87 per pound U3O8

The Project will use standard ISR processes to recover uranium from the host sandstone to produce uranium as a U3O8 yellowcake product. Yellowcake will be packaged in 55 gallon drums and shipped to a licensed conversion facility for further processing after sale. The Project is designed to produce up to 1.5 million pounds per year of uranium as U3O8 from 16 production units and a Central Processing Plant (CPP) over the 12 years of production.

The CPP will include ion exchange, elution, precipitation, yellowcake drying and packaging operations. Groundwater restoration and reclamation/decommissioning operations are also part of the integrated development and closure plan in the PFS. The CPP is designed to accommodate lixiviant or resin from other nearby sources. The CPP will be located in the southwestern part of the Reno Creek Project on land owned by AUC. The first production units will be developed in the Reno Creek Resource Unit, which is currently being permitted; development of the Moore, Pine Tree, and Bing Resource Units will follow. Plans are to connect production units to the CPP via pipelines. No satellite recovery units are contemplated.

The PFS concludes the proposed Project is technically and economically feasible selling 14.94 million pounds of U3O8. The analysis uses an average price of US$65 per pound, consistent with the analyses of AUC's peer junior uranium companies. The Net Present Value (NPV) for the Project, using a discount rate of 8%, is estimated to be approximately US$216 million (pre-tax), and the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is estimated to be 37% (pre-tax). Payback is projected to occur in the first quarter of the third year of production with net pre-tax earnings (undiscounted) of US$464 million over the life of the project. After tax net cash flow is estimated to be $360 million, and the after tax NPV is estimated to be $150 million (8%).

Total initial project capital costs are estimated at US$78.4 million (excluding working capital) including the CPP (US$44 million), the first production unit (US$19.3 million) which consists of six wellfields/header houses and approximately 480 production wells and 40 monitor wells, and indirect costs of US$15.1 million. Cash operating costs, including production, groundwater restoration, site decommissioning, reclamation, administrative costs, royalties and production taxes are estimated at US$18.84 per pound U3O8. Total project costs, including cash operating costs, subsequent wellfield development/installation costs plus initial and subsequent capital, are estimated at US$33.87 per pound U3O8. A summary of key project economics are shown below.

Summary of Key Project Economics
Item Total (US$m) US$/pound U3O8 Recovered
Revenue 971.2 65.00
Cash Operating Costs (LOM)
Initial Project Capital Costs
Total Project Costs (LOM) 506 33.87
Net Cash Flow Undiscounted
464 24.09
NPV8% (Pre-Tax) 216
IRR (Pre-Tax) 37%
1 The PFS titled "Reno Creek Preliminary Feasibility Study Wyoming, USA" was prepared by TREC and Tetra Tech; they are responsible for the PFS, and have reviewed and approved the content of this release.

Qualified Person

Dr. Rex Bryan of Tetra Tech, Qualified Person under NI 43-101, has reviewed the contents of this news release.

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