November 30, 2011 15:00 ET

Renters Can Search Their Home for Foreclosure Notices for Free at

National Foreclosure Notice Search Helps Renters Avoid Surprises From Delinquent Landlords

DENVER, CO--(Marketwire - Nov 30, 2011) - As housing values continue to decline, rental rates are rising in many areas of the U.S. Property owners, many of whom have become "accidental" landlords due to the inability to sell their residences, often remain underwater on their mortgages, and despite their rental income are unable to continue to keep up with their mortgages. Renters become the unfortunate and innocent victims in these cases, as they may find themselves in a rental property with plans to stay for many years, facing a 90 day eviction notice when the property is sold in foreclosure. Even worse, stories abound in the press of renters who are served eviction notices stating that they have only days to vacate the property, throwing their lives into turmoil as they may not know about the laws which protect them in foreclosure situations.

The best protection for a renter is information. A renter can limit their risk of falling victim to a foreclosure by checking the property before signing a lease to ensure that there are no notices of default filed against the property. is now offering renters nationwide the ability to quickly and easily learn this information about virtually any rental property in the U.S. for free, without the confusion and hassle of navigating their county recorder's office. launched in July 2011 with a mission of providing education and information to renters to help them lower their risk of falling victim to rental foreclosures, scams, and other risks.

Documents and/or Photos available for this release:'s free pre-foreclosure report gives renters the ability to quickly and easily check for any notices of default filed against their rental home.
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