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July 19, 2011 09:00 ET

REPEAT: BMO Nesbitt Burns Study Identifies Canada's "Savviest" Investors

- Almost three-quarters of Canadians hold investments

- Vast majority are confident they are managing their investment portfolios well

- Albertans are Canada's most engaged and knowledgeable investors

- Men are more likely than women to know what specific investments they hold

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 19, 2011) - In a search for the nation's "savviest" investors, BMO Nesbitt Burns conducted a national study which revealed that most Canadians hold investments and are confident they are managing their portfolios well. However, according to the results, released today, only a narrow majority report having a financial plan in place. The study also found that Alberta's investors lead the country in key categories, including having investments and general knowledge about various investment products.

The study conducted by Leger Marketing indicates that almost three-quarters (72 per cent) of adult Canadians hold investments and 83 per cent of them are confident they are managing their investments well.

Yet, despite this encouraging news, the results also show that barely half of Canadians (51 per cent) have a financial plan.

"Without a written financial plan, it is often difficult for investors to identify and follow through on their investment goals," said Stuart Hinshelwood, Equity Specialist, BMO Nesbitt Burns. "A plan not only helps you work toward your goals, but also allows you to plan for specific time horizons, risk tolerance and the correct asset mix according to your goals. Working with a financial professional can help get you there."

Albertans are Canada's "Savviest" Investors:

Albertans led the way in several general investing areas, including:

  • Highest percentage (84 per cent) holding investments.
  • Knowing what they hold in their investment portfolios (68 per cent).
  • General familiarity with specific investments such as Equities, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Bonds and Guaranteed Investment Certificates.

"Our study indicates that Albertans are clearly ahead of the curve," said Mr. Hinshelwood. "It's encouraging that investors in Alberta show such confidence and engagement with their investments."

Key Regional Findings:

  • While only 58 per cent of Atlantic Canadians invest, an overwhelming 94 per cent feel they are managing their investments well.
  • Investors in the Prairie provinces are the most likely (60 per cent) to have a financial plan. Interestingly, despite this, they are least likely (54 per cent) to know what specific investments they hold.
  • While Quebecers (44 per cent) are the least likely to have a financial plan, 85 per cent are confident they are managing their investment well.
  • Barely half (51 per cent) of Ontarians have a financial plan, while more than three-quarters (78 per cent) currently hold investments.

Men versus Women:

The study also revealed that 41 per cent of Canadian investors do not know what specific investments they hold in their portfolios, with men (67 per cent) more likely to know than women (51 per cent).

"We believe that through increased educational efforts tailored to women, along with the fact that they are controlling more and more wealth in Canada, women will increasingly become more involved in and knowledgeable about the make-up of their investment portfolios — an objective we encourage all investors to pursue," added Mr. Hinshelwood.

The online survey was conducted by Leger Marketing from June 13 – June 16, 2011, with 1501 Canadian adults.

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