PACT Youth Crime Reduction Program

PACT Youth Crime Reduction Program

September 16, 2008 07:18 ET


Former Chief Justice, Roy McMurtry Opens Celebration of Urban Peace. Discussion includes taking strain off taxpayer-funded system and teaching youth to take charge of their lives.

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, Education Editor, News Editor, Photo Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO/NEWS RELEASE--(Marketwire - Sept. 16, 2008) - This Wednesday, a judge, a jazz legend, a World Peace leader and a young man in conflict with the law will come together to raise the bar on fighting youth crime.

Opening remarks to the community by Former Chief Justice, Roy McMurtry will be played on a five-foot plasma screen to an audience of leaders from the worlds of business, education and Rotary (including world peace leader/Rotary International Past President Wilf Wilkinson.)

Judge Rick Blouin will provide a view from the justice system of what the highest-risk youth need to succeed and how the business community has to help drive the agenda to reduce youth crime.

Local businessmen and Social Entrepreneurs Dan Cornacchia and David Lockett will discuss how they co-founded PACT (PARTICIPATION * ACKNOWLEDGEMENT * COMMITMENT * TRANSFORMATION) a program that allows the business community to take leadership of the youth crime issue and decreases the burden on society.

"PACT is motivated by reducing crime and healing society and doing it outside of the government funding model," said David Lockett, PACT co-founder and volunteer.

Setting Violent Youth on the Right Path
Les, a youth who had a difficult upbringing (growing up in 21 group homes) will discuss how PACT Lifeplan Coaching helped him escape from being "just another loser in the system", kept him out of jail and turned his life around.

"For the most serious troubled youth coming out of custody settings or on the brink of incarceration, there is a need for tools to give kids a vision for their lives, said Lockett. "Otherwise, when these kids are released back into their communities and come face to face with the same temptations that originally led them astray, they will always struggle."

Video screens will show snippets of youth who have been in conflict with the law, who themselves have a story to tell and Jazz Legend, Tommy Ambrose and his Band will enchant the crowd of diners as they watch films made by youth in conflict with the law.
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What - PACT Anniversary Banquet. Youth in conflict with the law tell their stories and celebrate their successes.
Where- Fantasy Farms
When- Wednesday, September 17, at 7:00 p.m.

About PACT
PACT (Participation, Acknowledgment, Commitment and Transformation) has helped nearly 3,500 at-risk youth across the GTA region with mostly private funding. PACT won the Canadian Urban Institute Urban Leadership Award and has been recognized by the United Nations.

PACT has a three pillar program focus:
- Restorative Justice Mediation
- Lifeplan Coaching Program (Reintegration Tool for most serious kids)
- Life-Skills-development Projects

The Resolution Conference (Restorative Justice Mediation)

PACT's main service offering is a powerful and well-administered Extra Judicial Sanction (EJS) option called the Resolution Conference. Crown attorneys, probation officers and judges are able to offer suitable youth the option to participate in PACT. The youth must adhere to the conditions and successfully complete the program, otherwise they will be referred back to the referring agent.

PACT Lifeskills Projects
PACT has developed Lifeskills projects that offer a positive opportunity for high-risk youth and youth in conflict with the law to learn practical skills development that they do not learn in the school system. PACT empowers youth, fosters team-building behaviour and develops self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment while acting as a stepping-stone to future gainful employment. These projects are designed to ignite a passion in youth and give them career and job opportunities. These programs strive to combine productive community contribution with practical skills development. The combination of these two important components helps to empower our youth, foster team-building behaviour and develop self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment:

- PACT Film School;
- PACT Cooking School;
- PACT Reforestation Project;
- Farm in the City;

The PACT LifePlan and Coaching Program
This is a privately funded and comprehensive reintegration program for youth who are at-risk in the judicial system, specifically, A) youth coming out of both open and closed custody settings, and B) those who are on the brink of incarceration. The LifePlan and Coaching Program is designed to receive referrals directly from the youth courts - either as part of a sentencing package or as a supervision/probation order given by a judge.

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    Primary Phone: 647-274-5249