February 05, 2016 10:00 ET

REPEAT: Modern Canadian Investment Firm OmniArch Launches New Global Fixed Return Bond

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CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Feb. 5, 2016) - Modern Canadian investment firm, OmniArch, today announced the launch of the company's Global Fixed Return Bond, a fund that offers a unique and diverse suite of investment opportunities in multiple asset classes.

OmniArch has assembled a globally experienced investment team that will manage the fund targeted towards European Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Government Debt, CMBS (Commercial Mortgage Backed Security) and RMBS (Residential Mortgage Backed Securities).

"We built this fund so we could provide monthly cash flow for everyday, qualified investors. We select our bonds for their credit worthiness and the ability to provide asset backed cash flow for the fund, while offering a passive income stream with above average returns to our investors. We are finding huge demand for this type of fund given the unpredictable nature of our current economic climate," said Jay Modi, Executive Chairman of the OmniArch Group of Companies.

The new fund has a fixed yield to investors at 7.2% interest annually, paid out monthly, and is the second in a signature series of alternative income investment vehicles that OmniArch will be building, launching and offering to Canadian investors.

Portfolio Manager for OmniArch, Ron D'Vari commented on the fund today, "Investors want diversity, and OmniArch offers an innovative way for qualified investors to get exposure to a universe of ABS, and asset-based private credit that is generally available only to larger institutions."

Chairman, Jay Modi added, "At the core of our company is our client, and as Ron states, our goal is to continually offer investment opportunities that they ordinarily wouldn't have the ability to be part of. We have built our success by developing ROI driven platforms that benefit our partners in the short and long term."

OmniArch had previously over subscribed its signature asset backed securities fund raising over $125 Million with over 4000 investors.

OmniArch is part of the OmniArch Group of Companies and offers investment opportunities to qualified investors in the exempt market across Canada, and supports multi-language communities including French and Chinese. The company is led by a group of investment specialists, market experts and visionaries, providing finance first solutions with a modern vision and a future-ready perspective. Invest differently.

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