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May 20, 2010 08:31 ET

Repeat: The Climate Shop Rewards Ontario Households for Energy Conservation

Innovative new company helps homeowners reduce energy use and costs while providing Aeroplan Miles for reduced carbon emissions

Attention: City Editor, Environment Editor, Energy Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO/ONTARIO/PRESS RELEASE--(Marketwire - May 20, 2010) - An innovative new company called The Climate Shop launched an online service today to help Ontario's residential energy consumers benefit from energy conservation and emission reductions. The Climate Shop offers a comprehensive membership-based service that inspires energy conservation, tracks and equates electricity reductions with carbon emission reductions, and rewards those reductions with Aeroplan Miles.

The idea behind The Climate Shop is to give consumers the means to reduce energy costs, participate, and earn rewards for conserving energy and maintaining emission reductions. On one level it's a program for rewarding energy conservation, and on another level it delivers products and services to help its members reduce costs, energy use and carbon emissions, thereby generating more rewards.

The Climate Shop Helps Homeowners Who:
* Want to do their part to reduce energy use and carbon emissions but don't know where to go to take action and see results;
* Want to see how much electricity they actually reduced last month because of their efforts to make changes;
* Want to see their carbon emission reductions more clearly and understand the impact this really has on the environment.

How The Climate Shop Works
The Climate Shop electronically accesses members' utility consumption information each billing period, analyzes the data taking into account the difference in annual weather temperature, and presents the information in a way that is easy to understand. This allows consumers to know how much electricity and carbon emissions they reduce each month as a direct result of their actions to conserve energy.

In addition to the real benefits of reducing energy costs and creating a cleaner community and environment, the Climate Shop has built a unique incentive program that provides Aeroplan Miles for carbon emission reductions resulting from consumers' reduction of electricity. Members earn one Aeroplan Mile for each kilogram of carbon emission reduction (equivalent to about 4.5 kWh of reduced electricity.) Members continue to earn rewards by maintaining their emission reductions year-after-year.

Members Receive
* An online Carbon Scorecard that shows the total energy they have saved, the carbon emissions reduced and the Aeroplan Miles they have earned;
* A monthly Carbon Statement with a breakdown of their energy consumption, savings and reduction and rewards - it's like a carbon bank statement;
* Discounts on products and services that help to reduce energy use and carbon emissions;
* Multiple ways to earn Aeroplan Miles.

"In many ways we are like one big carbon mining project," says Bill Keating, President of The Climate Shop Corporation. "Our mine is our members. We provide tools and solutions to help our members get the CO2 out of their home energy. Next, we put measures in place to help calculate the quantity and quality of the carbon emission reductions that result from their efforts. In the future, we hope to monetize these carbon emission reductions for our members"

A home with an annual electricity consumption of 25,000 kWh can reduce consumption by 10 per cent or more just by making simple and consistent behavioural changes. Reducing electricity by 10 per cent would save 2,500 kWh of electricity and approximately $240.00 in utility costs. That home could also receive over 1,000 Aeroplan Miles and continue to earn miles each year they maintain that reduction. Best of all, it would reduce carbon emissions by 550 kilograms or 1,200 lbs, which equates to a savings of 235 liters of gasoline or a cube of space measuring 14 feet wide by 14 feet high by 14 feet deep.

The Climate Shop could help Ontario reap a potential savings of 410 megawatts of electricity and reduce 792,000 tons of carbon emissions.

When scaled across Canada homeowners could reduce 2.6 million tons of carbon emissions while saving money and earning rewards for being a part of the climate solution.

"Aeroplan is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and supporting programs such as The Climate Shop that address important environmental issues and needs within our communities," said Alden Hadwen, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Aeroplan. "We are pleased to offer our members the opportunity to earn more Aeroplan Miles for reducing carbon emissions, especially when it's the result of a conscious behaviour to use less energy. It's also a unique way for members to receive miles while saving money, instead of when they spend it."

The Climate Shop's introductory annual membership offer is $24 a year with a free 60-day trial.

Businesses Can Benefit
The Climate Shop also provides a free marketing channel for companies wanting to reach climate conscious consumers with products and services that help homeowners reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Some early partners include: Ecobee, EnWise Power Solutions,, All Weather Windows and Powerwatch.

What's Next For The Climate Shop
Next up, there are plans to add more services, expand rewards to support charities and add a natural gas component. The Climate Shop is planning a national launch later this year and is looking at potential U.S. markets.

About The Climate Shop
The Climate Shop's mission is to provide its members with savings and rewards for conserving energy use. It helps people and companies reduce energy and emissions and save money. The Climate Shop is committed to providing an ever-expanding range of innovative and reliable energy conservation services that help members better manage energy use to maximize carbon emission reductions.

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