Public Safety Canada

Public Safety Canada

December 13, 2007 14:32 ET

Report of Corrections Review Panel Released "A Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety"

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2007) - The Correctional Services Canada (CSC) Independent Review Panel today released its final report outlining recommendations for the Government of Canada. Earlier this year, this panel was assigned the task of completing a review of CSC's operational priorities, strategies and business plans.

"The recommendations in this report emphasize the critical importance of effective rehabilitation based on inmate accountability and a correctional environment that encourages work, education and treatment," said Rob Sampson, Chair of the panel. "CSC's objective should be to maximize opportunities for offenders to receive appropriate treatment and skill development so they can return to the community as law-abiding and working citizens."

The report recommends that CSC impose a system of accountability within Canada's prisons to ensure offenders are held responsible for their actions. This means that in order to be released before the end of their sentence, offenders will have to earn their way out.

The panel was established in April 2007 and its members also included Serge Gascon, Ian Glen, Q.C., Chief Clarence Louie-Oliver, and Sharon Rosenfeldt.

With a mandate to review all aspects of CSC's operational priorities, strategies and business plans, the panel members visited dozens of penitentiaries, parole offices and halfway houses across Canada, and heard the concerns and advice of hundreds of stakeholders, justice experts, CSC staff and volunteers.

Based on this wide ranging input, the panel is recommending a plan to position CSC for the next 10 to 15 years so that Canadians have a strong correctional system that protects their communities.

The report, entitled A Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety, contains 109 recommendations and focuses on five key areas:

1. increasing offender accountability;

2. eliminating drugs from prison;

3. developing employability/employment skills;

4. renewing physical infrastructure;

5. eliminating statutory release and moving to earned parole.

"This is not a quick fix, but rather an integrated strategy that will modernize aging correctional infrastructure, improve offender programming, provide a safer environment for employees, and enhance public safety," said Mr. Sampson. "The panel believes that this strategy addresses the issues facing the federal correctional system today, and the challenges anticipated in the future. We encourage the government to adopt and implement all recommendations."

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