Department of National Defence

Department of National Defence

November 15, 2012 12:55 ET

Report on Compensation of Military Judges Released

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 15, 2012) - The fourth quadrennial Military Judges Compensation Committee report on the compensation of military judges is now available on the Department of National Defence website.

The Committee was established under the authority of the National Defence Act for the purpose of conducting regular inquiries into the adequacy of military judges' remuneration. In forming its recommendations, the Committee considered written submissions from the military judges and the Government of Canada, and held a public hearing where both parties presented their positions and answered questions from Committee members.

In the conduct of its inquiry, the Military Judges Compensation Committee is required to consider multiple factors, such as: the prevailing economic conditions in Canada, including the cost of living, and the overall economic and current financial position of the federal government; the role of financial security of military judges in ensuring judicial independence; the need to attract outstanding officers as military judges; and, any other objective criteria that the Committee considers relevant.

The members of Military Judges Compensation Committee, who are appointed until August 31, 2015, are:

  • the Honourable Constance R. Glube, of Halifax, Nova Scotia;
  • Norman W. Sterling, of Toronto, Ontario; and,
  • the Honourable Michel Bastarache, of Ottawa, Ontario.

Under article 204.27 of the Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Forces, the Minister of National Defence has until March 28, 2013, to respond to the recommendations made in the report.

The report can be found at:

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