Association of Quebec Landlords

Association of Quebec Landlords

September 26, 2014 13:26 ET

Report of the Regie du logement 2013-2014: The APQ Notes That There Are Still Significant Problems With Waiting Times and the Regie du logement Has Not Received the Additional Resources It Needs

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Sept. 26, 2014) - The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) reacts to the publication of the 2013-2014 Annual Report of the Régie du logement and responds to tenant associations who note that the same problems are still present: important issues on waiting times and the Régie du logement has not received the additional resources it needs.

Total number of cases
2011-2012 78,468
2012-2013 73,724
2013-2014 72,485
Incidence of cases of non-payment
2011-2012 47,049
2012-2013 45,618
2013-2014 43,645

The cases of non-payment of the rent account for more than half of the cases heard at the Régie du logement. It is therefore important that one pays attention to this.

In Quebec it is illegal to request any form of deposit and this factor is important. This is likely to make many victims among small owners who will ultimately end up losing their building! In most cases, the owner has done nothing wrong in a situation of non-payment of rent. But he must bear disproportionate waste of time and money.

Waiting time for a hearing
2011-2012 1.4 months
2012-2013 1.4 months
2013-2014 1.5 months

According to the APQ, these figures must be qualified because it is unfortunately not true to say that in 6 weeks the case will be solved! We must first wait for a minimum period of 3 weeks to open the case in termination of the lease due to non-payment and it takes often longer because the owners give a "chance" to the tenant. It is only after this time that start the famous 1.5 months, not to mention the delay for enforcement of the decision that is often 30 days. So, there is therefore a real minimum waiting period of 3 to 4 months which often turns into a direct loss.

Setting of the rent
2011-2012 6.7 months
2012-2013 6 months
2013-2014 5.3 months

Likewise, for the setting of the rent the owner sends his notice of increase 3 to 6 months before the lease ends. The tenant has 1 month to respond and, following the refusal, the owner still has 1 month to file his case for setting of the rent. At the time of the hearing the lease is already renewed!

General case
2011-2012 20.3 months
2012-2013 20.7 months
2013-2014 21 months

It is anomalous that waiting times for general cases have increased. The ombudsperson was already worried about these delays in her latest reports. Currently, waiting between twelve and eighteen months for a case of excessive noise, health hazards or the presence of animals causing serious harm is part of normality for owners of rental housing. This situation is unacceptable, given the nature of the cases that come before the Régie du logement, i.e. cases that relate to the immediate environment of people's lives. The owners have an obligation to provide the peaceful enjoyment of the premises to their tenants, but these waiting times are such that the tenants and/or the owners suffer more and make the situation unbearable.

"These figures are alarming! It's an entire reform of the rental law that we need, including additional resources for the Régie du logement," says Martin Messier, President of the APQ.

Founded in 1984, the Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) is the most important association providing services to owners of rental housing while being present in all regions of Quebec.

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