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March 04, 2008 11:19 ET

Report Shows Energy Savings With New Automatic Technology

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - March 4, 2008) - According to a recent report by 1E, as part of their Energy Awareness Campaign, US businesses are wasting $1.72 billion a year on PCs left running each night. A survey in the report shows these computers are often kept on so IT staff can perform critical processes. However, new technology can help save those precious dollars.

Each day computers are scanned for viruses, backed up, defragmented and updated with the latest software versions. This often takes place after hours so these tasks are seamless and don't slow down or stop users from working. Forward thinking companies like Diskeeper® Corporation incorporate technologies that allow these processes to be handled "online" with employees still using their computers.

For example, one critical maintenance procedure is daily hard drive defragmentation. Every computer suffers from fragmentation, whether it's a server, workstation, or notebook. In the past, IT professionals had to schedule defragmentation processes to run at night or on weekends, requiring that the machine be left on. Research shows a small business with only 2,500 computers is wasting more than $40,000 a year by allowing their workstations to run at night for such tasks.

Developed by Diskeeper Corporation, a new technology called InvisiTasking™ is currently incorporated in their automatic defragmenter of the same name. Diskeeper utilizes InvisiTasking to defragment hard drives using only idle system resources keeping PCs running at optimum performance without interrupting use.

Diskeeper allows businesses focused on the bottom line to not only save thousands of dollars in added electricity costs, but also improve computer performance and employee productivity.

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