TREND Financial

TREND Financial

September 12, 2012 11:02 ET

Reputable Auto Leasing Company Receives $12 Million in Additional Funding

RICHMOND HILL, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 12, 2012) - After the recent economic downturn, many Canadians have found themselves in tight situations. After moving through a period of financial hardship or bankruptcy it can be difficult for the average person to afford their regular bills. For some people it has become difficult and nearly impossible to secure the transportation they need. As a result, many of today's consumers have taken hits to their credit rating and find it difficult to secure loans for the vehicles they need. TREND Financial specializes in helping individuals in tight these situations; they have a unique philosophy to lending that takes into account much more than your credit rating, when approving applications. They truly Think Outside the Bank.

In part to TREND Financial's excellent track record, strong management team and unique approach to this business, on March 1st, 2012 they were backed by an additional $12 Million in private funding. This additional funding will help ensure that TREND can continue to help people in tight situations get the transportation they need. In tough economic times companies like TREND Financial are essential to helping people continue to live their normal lives, despite being hit financially. Never has it been easier to get the transportation you need and re-establish your credit. For more information about TREND Financial can help you, please visit their website at

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