Corporate Backed Trust Certificates

December 17, 2013 13:26 ET

RESCISSION of CONDITIONAL FULL Redemption Corporate Backed Trust Certificates, Duke Capital Note-Backed Series 2003-3 Trust 1,489,200 $25 Par ($37,230,000 Certificate Principal Amount) Class A-1 Certificates Due February 15, 2032 CUSIP No. 21988G312* (NYSE: JBI)

$6,205,000 Principal Amount Class A-2 Certificates Due February 15, 2032 CUSIP No. 21988GCF1* (Relating to 1,489,200 Class A-1 and 62.05 Class A-2 Call Warrants Without CUSIP) (Underlying Securities Are $43,435,000 Principal Amount 6 3/4% Senior Notes Due February 15, 2032 CUSIP No. 26439RAK2* Issued by Duke Capital Corporation)

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2013) - FURTHER TO OUR PREVIOUS NOTICE dated December 12, 2013, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the exercising Call Warrant Holder has not fulfilled the requirements of the Call Warrant exercise and the Trustee has not received the Call Price for the Conditional Full Redemption that was scheduled for today. Therefore the Call Warrants are not being exercised on the December 17, 2013 Redemption Date, and the Redemption is hereby rescinded. Accordingly, (i) the Class A-1 Certificates (NYSE: JBI) and Class A-2 Certificates issued by the Trust will continue to accrue interest as if no exercise notice had been given and (ii) the Call Warrant holders may elect to deliver a conditional notice of exercise in the future.

This press release is being issued by U.S. Bank Trust National Association as trustee of the Trust. For more information about this conditional partial redemption, Holders with questions may contact Bondholder Services at (800) 934-6802.

By U.S. Bank Trust National Association
as Trustee

December 17, 2013

*U.S. Bank shall not be held responsible for the selection or the use of the CUSIP number, nor is any representation made as to its correctness indicated in the Redemption Notice. It is included solely for the convenience of the Holders.

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