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July 05, 2016 10:00 ET

Rescue One Financial Helps With Debt Consolidation Issues

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 5, 2016) - A new survey from The Federal Reserve shows that consumer debt levels are hitting record highs.

Debt can delay major life goals like pursuing a higher degree, or starting a business. If you are saddled with debt, and want to make your life easier, Rescue One Financial says to consider their debt consolidation program.

Debt consolidation loans can be a convenient way to reduce a number of bills and turn them into one. Debt consolidation can reduce interest rates, secure a fixed interest rate for one loan and may even shorten the length of many loans.

Rescue One Financial will speak to the lenders on behalf of the individual. They will work with the creditors to reduce interest rates and sometimes even get the lifetime of the loan shortened. Creditors are usually happy to deal with debt consolidation companies like Rescue One, as they are trying to get the money back to pay off the debt and will be glad to cooperate with any process that makes this happen.

Rescue One Financial will also work with the individual to prepare a monthly budget that will allow the person to look at their financial situation and decide how they can cut spending to repay the debt consolidation loan the quickest way possible.

Individuals should also compare which company they feel most comfortable with. These companies will be working with the person for some time so it's important to like the services they offer and feel at ease with them.

Rescue One Financial is willing to work with your situation uniquely, and create a plan that is best for you. If you feel that Rescue One Financial may be able to serve you, contact us today.

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