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February 12, 2014 11:26 ET

Research Now Healthcare Launches Arthritis Panel in the UK

Latest Consumer Ailments Panel Provides Access to 25,000+ Respondents Diagnosed With Arthritis

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Feb 12, 2014) -  Research Now Healthcare, a portfolio company of Research Now, today announced the launch of its Arthritis Panel, providing a resource for creating a better understanding of the concerns of Brits who suffer from various forms of arthritis.

Researchers now have access to a targeted audience of over 25,000 deeply-profiled panellists in the U.K. who have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Gout, Large Joint Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is the second market research panel based around therapeutic areas to be launched by the company in Europe. Research Now Healthcare also provides deeply-profiled panels consisting of diabetes sufferers in North America and the U.K.

Promoted in January to oversee client development for Research Now Healthcare EMEA, Division Director Simon Beedell commented, "Following a successful launch of our Arthritis Panel in North America, this is the second in a series of condition-based panels that we are rolling out in select European markets over the next year. Our ailments panels approach each condition exclusively, and with a tailored solution that enables the end user to make informed decisions based on multiple perspectives of everyone involved."

To accompany the launch, the Research Now Healthcare team conducted a study in the U.K. surveying over 1,000 respondents who acknowledged that they have been diagnosed by a physician with arthritis.

Among the surveyed audience of arthritis sufferers, just over 90% acknowledged that their arthritis causes them pain, while slightly fewer than 10% said they do not experience pain from their arthritis.

Of those who do experience pain, 58% reported that the pain is moderate, 22% reported that the pain is light, 18% reported that the pain is extreme and only 2% reported that the pain is unbearable. When asked how often their arthritis causes pain, over 63% reported daily, over 21% reported a couple times a week, 9% reported a few times a month, and just 6% reported that their arthritis only occasionally causes pain.

Of the entire surveyed audience, 40% reported having visited a doctor's office one to two times for treatment or evaluation of their arthritis condition over the past year, 20% reported having visited a doctor's office three to five times, 7% reported having visited a doctor's office six to nine times, 5% reported having visited a doctor's office 10 or more times, and 29% said they hadn't been to the doctor's office in the past year.

When asked about what percentage of their day respondents spend in pain brought on by their arthritis, 42% reported one to 10% of their day, 19% reported 11-20% of their day, 11% reported 21-30% of their day, 6% reported 31-40%, 7% reported 41-50%, and 15% reported that they spend 50% or more of their day in pain brought on by their arthritis.

With these stats in mind, only 47% of the respondents acknowledged that they take medication for their arthritis on a daily basis. And while the healthcare landscape continues to change rapidly in terms of healthcare drugs, the majority of respondents (82%) reported that they spend under £100 annually on medication and treatment for their arthritis. 14% reported that they spend £100 to £500 annually on medication and treatment, 2% reported that they spend £500 to £1,000 annually, and the remaining 2% reported that they spend £1,000 to upwards of £5,000 annually on medication and treatment for their arthritis. While most (63%) would agree that the treatment they've received for their arthritis has made the condition significantly more bearable, 37% will disagree.

The unfortunate reality is that arthritis can affect people's ability to carry on with their daily routine. When asked whether their arthritis has affected their ability to work, 34% of respondents acknowledged that it has. Furthermore, 42% acknowledged that arthritis has affected their ability to attend or participate in social events and 39% acknowledged that arthritis has affected their ability to complete everyday tasks such as driving, cooking and cleaning.

Finally, of the surveyed audience of arthritis sufferers, 8% also acknowledged they have been diagnosed by a physician with cancer, 9% with cardiovascular disease, 11% with diabetes, 12% with urinary problems, and 13% with some "other" ailment.

Beedell concluded: "With drastic changes taking place in the healthcare industry, data collection is going to be even more essential to the research process. With this recent study as a testament, our new panel offering will enable researchers to gain deeper insights into this disabling condition, as well as arthritis practice, treatments and sentiments for quality research initiatives."

Survey Methodology
Research Now used its "BY-INVITATION-ONLY"™ consumer research panel and its Valued Opinions™ Panel to conduct the online survey among respondents aged 18 and over residing in the United Kingdom. The data is based on a sample size of just over 1,000 respondents. Quotas were set for age, gender, ethnicity and region to bring them more into line with their actual proportions in the population. The study ran between November 18 and November 22, 2013.

To date, Research Now has highly-profiled respondents living with arthritis in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. To allow for multi-country research projects, Research Now Healthcare plans to launch its Arthritis Panel in additional European markets by the end of 2014. The company's condition-based healthcare panels also include hard-to-reach physicians, nurses, pharmacists, hospital executives and administrators for a more holistic approach to healthcare research.

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