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September 29, 2010 09:10 ET

Research on Polycom and Tekelec -- Don't Cut the Cord Yet on Desk Phones

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA--(Marketwire - September 29, 2010) - offers world class analysis on processing systems & products companies Polycom Inc. (NASDAQ: PLCM) and Tekelec (NASDAQ: TKLC). Sign up today at to receive free research reports on these companies.

Office communications are seemingly moving forward and backward at the same time these days. There is the obvious trend of high-tech video conferencing, telepresence and VoIP calls that many assumed would make the corded desk phone obsolete eventually. However, there is a much more interesting ongoing trend of small- and mid-sized businesses saying no to high-tech and yes to a new generation of corded desk phones. is a specialized website where investors can have full access to free reports on processing systems & products stocks; traders looking for analyst opinions on Polycom Inc. and Tekelec are welcomed to sign up for a free one year membership at

The key to the corded trend has been businesses unwilling to shill out the capital for more technology than they really needed. However, many companies were realizing they wanted something in the middle with regards to technology and the gap between the low and high was widening. Visit us at to understand the catalysts and forces driving or affecting processing systems & products companies in today's economic environment.

With few realistic options on the table, a middleman arose who expanded the features of the desk phone with expensive and centralized digital hubs. Small- and mid-sized companies were now faced with three unfavorable choices: upgrade beyond what they needed, survive with less than they needed or overpay for what they needed.

This dilemma spawned a niche for companies developing desk phones with the features customers wanted without the need for a middleman or even an expensive technician to install it. The latest batch of higher tech desk phones has struck a chord with smaller companies and padded revenues for manufacturers.

The resurgence of the corded desk phone has made some companies more attractive acquisition option for larger high tech communications companies. One promising player in the space is Polycom Inc. which at the beginning of this week received a buy rating from S&P's analyst who believes the company is a possible acquisition contender. Shareholders and investors can access the free research Polycom Inc. now by signing up at

Elsewhere in the processing systems & products industry, a number of small companies are also good candidates for M&A. Tekelec is believed by many to be a ripe for an acquisition by a much larger company looking to enrich its portfolio of products and services knowing that such an acquisition will boost its revenue capability. The has also compiled a free research on Tekelec that can be downloaded now by signing up at

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