February 04, 2015 10:00 ET

Researcher Claims the 4,000 Year Old Mystery of Pi Has Been Solved

Says the Symbol ((pi)) Is the Key to Decoding

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Feb 4, 2015) - A historian and Pi ((pi)) researcher in Minneapolis is claiming that mankind's oldest cold case has been solved.

For 4,000 years the number and symbol for Pi has baffled humanity, able somehow to magically calculate the dimensions of any circle or sphere. But has its true value and meaning finally been discovered?

"Yes, the real value of Pi is,," laughs the researcher, Miguel Antonio. "But how you arrive at that value and what it truly signifies is the real secret," he adds.

Antonio says it was the symbol itself that led to the decoding and that doing so allowed him to fully decipher the value, equation, meaning and true purpose.

"Pi is a template, a blueprint," he says cryptically, noting that the implications could reach far into mankind's future. "It's a 4,000 year old secret no one has figured out so the answer is no small thing."

"First thing I thought was that I had simply found the equation but then realized that the equation had a startling story to tell," says Antonio, a history major who has spent years studying the Greek letter and its number, 3.1415926535∞.

Antonio even admits to feelings of paranoia and fear once he realized perhaps what he'd uncovered. "I got really nervous but then realized that it's Pi -- it's already everywhere. Simplicity is part of the answer, part of its encryption."

"There is far more to the number that what we know or most could even understand," Antonio adds. "Not at all what we think it is; the answer is three dimensional, universal and incredibly simple."

Antonio says the key to the dissection was 'thinking outside the box' and that the answer to this ancient riddle could alter human history, even its evolution.

"Last time the human brain evolved was also 4,000 years ago," he concludes.

"Think I now know why."

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