Resellers and Analysts Applaud OAISYS 6.1 Software Release

June 15, 2010 07:00 ET

Resellers and Analysts Applaud New OAISYS Call Recording Software With SIP Trunk Recording, On-Demand Licensing and Multi-Language Support

Now Available, Release 6.1 Delivers Flexibility and Cost Savings

TEMPE, AZ--(Marketwire - June 15, 2010) -  Resellers and analysts are applauding the new release of the Talkument® and Tracer version 6.1 call recording solutions from OAISYS®, a leader in business call recording and contact center management solutions. Now available, version 6.1 of Talkument and Tracer delivers new deployment enhancements, improved functionality and cost savings, including SIP trunk recording, on-demand licensing and multi-language support. Tracer and Talkument are compatible with leading IP business communications systems, including those from Avaya, Mitel, ShoreTel, Toshiba and others.

"SIP is gaining traction with businesses and contact centers, especially within the multi-location enterprise space, and version 6.1 of the OAISYS solutions allows us to provide advanced call recording and quality assurance capabilities to those customers leveraging SIP technology," said Troy Cryer, chief executive officer at Comm3, a long-time OAISYS reseller based in Texas. "We are very excited about OAISYS' new SIP enhancement. We know our customers will act quickly to gain benefits and cost savings once they learn there is finally a reliable solution for recording SIP calls. Congratulations to OAISYS for once again leading the industry with their innovative voice documentation solutions!"

"OAISYS' remarkable developments in its call recording and contact center monitoring solutions will pay dividends for our customers through improved cost savings, quality assurance and overall business performance," said Ben Stiegler, chief executive officer at SynerTel, an OAISYS reseller in the San Francisco Bay Area. "With version 6.1 of OAISYS Talkument and Tracer, which now allows recording SIP trunks in addition to all legacy types of phone lines, SynerTel is especially well-equipped to address the call recording needs of business customers across all markets -- from SMB to enterprise -- with the most affordable, flexible and reliable interaction management solutions available."

"OAISYS continues to raise the bar with new capabilities and deployment options for its Talkument and Tracer call recording and contact center management software. The OAISYS software helps businesses evaluate sales techniques and assure quality and compliance among other benefits -- such activities have the potential to generate customer loyalty which improves a company's bottom line, perhaps the key to success in this struggling economy," said Sandra Gustavsen, editor of TelecomTactics Insider and senior analyst with T3i Group LLC.

"Now providing SIP trunk and speech analytics integration, OAISYS' new Talkument and Tracer 6.1 call recording and contact center management solutions each have an open architecture and associated APIs that enable integrations with third-party solutions and make the OAISYS solutions even more valuable to a variety of businesses, including larger enterprises, public sector organizations and healthcare environments," said Dick Bucci, analyst, Pelorus Associates.

"With OAISYS' version 6.1, users of Talkument and Tracer can now integrate with SIP Trunks, export call recordings to best-of-breed speech analytics solutions and choose how they record calls by agents or type of call using on-demand licensing," said Nancy Jamison, analyst with UCStrategies and founder/principal analyst with Jamison Consulting. "This gives OAISYS' users a more cost-effective, robust call recording solution that integrates with virtually any IP business telephone system from the major vendors."

New features, functionality and options delivered in version 6.1 of the OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions include:

  • SIP Trunk Recording: OAISYS solutions can now integrate directly with SIP trunks to record calls and seamlessly capture call data, including outside party number, start time and duration. This allows organizations to take advantage of the cost savings SIP trunking can provide though a converged infrastructure and reduced hardware expenditures. Targeted to begin early adopter field trials at the end of June, the next release will expand the call data capture capabilities to include details from the communications platform, such as extension participants, in addition to the SIP trunk data.
  • Speech Analytics: Contact centers can export call recordings based on pre-defined business rules, using criteria such as call duration or agent ID, into best-of-breed speech analytics technology to analyze and isolate calls containing user-definable terms or phrases of significance to management. This integration enhancement provides customers with the flexibility to deploy OAISYS solutions in combination with the speech analytics product that best meets their unique organizational requirements.
  • On-Demand Licensing: Organizations primarily concerned with quality assurance or needing to judiciously monitor telephone handling processes will benefit from on-demand licensing, which enables cost-effective random sampling of communications in accordance with dynamic business conditions. This improved software utilization efficiency, combined with Tracer's easy-to-use employee performance evaluations, live and auto call monitoring and reporting tools, delivers a cost-effective, comprehensive quality assurance platform to boost sales, service levels and process adherence. This is particularly useful in telesales, customer service, healthcare, government and financial services contact centers.
  • Multi-Language Support: Contact centers deploying across national boundaries or in markets with agents speaking varied languages will benefit from multi-language support, which now includes Spanish and Portuguese language packs along with the pre-existing English language pack. These initial language packs prove especially beneficial to organizations across North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal.

"Here at OAISYS, we constantly strive to identify and introduce, in a very precise and efficient manner, the most meaningful product enhancements for our customers. The timely and targeted delivery of these incremental releases reinforces our commitment to providing the most easy-to-use, simple-to-buy and cost-effective call recording and interaction management solutions on the market," said Brian Spencer, president of OAISYS. 

About Talkument:
Talkument personal voice documentation and collaboration software utilizes patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology to create digital media documents from business telephone calls, making them available to organize, retrieve, play back, annotate and share as needed. It provides company-wide control over risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution and other critical business concerns.

About Tracer:
Tracer is the industry's leading call recording solution for contact centers. Tracer also leverages OAISYS PVD technology paired with advanced contact center management features, including customizable employee performance evaluations, live and auto call monitoring, quality and resource utilization reporting and synchronized desktop video recording capabilities.

OAISYS® ( is a leading developer of call recording and contact center management solutions for a wide range of organizations, from small- to medium-sized businesses to multi-site large enterprises. The OAISYS voice documentation and interaction management solutions help companies within a variety of industries -- including healthcare, automotive dealerships, financial services, and the public sector -- attract and retain customers by digitally capturing phone-based interactions for simple retrieval, playback and management. Compatible with leading business communications system providers, including Avaya, Mitel, ShoreTel and Toshiba, OAISYS Tracer and Talkument applications help companies improve risk management, quality assurance, customer retention, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance requirements and other critical business concerns. OAISYS is headquartered in Tempe, Ariz. OAISYS Limited is located in Cambridge, England.

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  • Resellers and Analysts Applaud OAISYS 6.1 Software Release