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Reservation Services International

September 12, 2013 17:16 ET

Reservation Services International Warns Consumers of Travel Scams

WINTER PARK, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 12, 2013) - Reservation Services International warns travelers to be wary of vacation offers that could be fraudulent. Incredibly low airline ticket offers, fake rental home deals and bogus cruise prizes are all examples of scams that could leave travelers high and dry. Before spending any money, people should verify that an offer is legitimate.

Exclusive travel club provider Reservation Services International is advising vacationers to stay alert for travel scams. Because people travel year-round, no particular time of year is safe from thieves who target consumers' hard-earned holiday savings. As a world leader in the vacation industry, Reservation Services International strives to help travelers avoid the latest scams perpetrated by frauds posing as travel agents and other industry professionals.

Because a growing number of vacationers are planning their holiday trips online, social media websites are often the springboard for travel scams. Bogus airline deals, fake vacation rental ads and counterfeit discounts for accommodations are fairly easy for skilled scam artists to post on social networking pages. Once a few people share the deals with their friends, the scam becomes quite lucrative for thieves.

Cruise offers are fairly common scams. Victims receive notification by phone or email that they have won cruises. People should be suspicious of any such communication from unknown sources and know how to recognize red flags. For example, if claiming a travel prize involves providing your credit card number, paying anything upfront for your gift, the offer is almost certainly a scam.

Reservation Services International representatives caution people to take the following steps when considering a travel deal:

• Find out whether the source of the offer is legitimate.
• Compare the offer with standard prices for the same trip, and be suspicious if they are over 80% off.
• Do not purchase tickets from unknown sources or individuals selling online.
• Get confirmation of a booking, both from the travel agency and cruise line/airline.
• Pay with a credit card for easier resolution should the offer turn out to be fraudulent.

Reservation Services International stresses the need for consumers to investigate travel offers thoroughly before providing any personal information or money to an advertiser. The best strategy for making sure vacation funds go as far as possible is making travel arrangements through trustworthy sources. For three decades, Reservation Services International has provided quality Leisure Lifestyle and Travel Benefits Programs for B2B clients worldwide.

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