Department of National Defence

Department of National Defence

February 09, 2015 18:35 ET

Reservists Rangers and Cadets Train for Winter Survival

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Feb. 9, 2015) - Roughly 100 member of the Algonquin Regiment, Army Cadets and members of the 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group took part in Exercise MOOSE SURVIVAL from February 6-8, 2015 in Cobalt, Ontario. During this exercise reserve soldiers and Army Cadets had the unique opportunity to learn from Canadian Rangers about how to survive in harsh winter conditions. Participants, for example, learned how to build a fire, construct an emergency shelter, snare animals, ice fish, and what to do when you fall in frigid water. Winter survival skills, such as these, allow members of the Canadian Armed Forces to live and fight cold conditions.

Quick Facts

  • The men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces are proud and ready to assist fellow Canadians with rapid reaction and immediate assistance on the ground to citizens in the North and throughout Canada.
  • Army Reservists are members of the community, most of whom have full-time jobs or go to school, and choose to serve the Canadian Armed Forces part-time.
  • Canadian Rangers are a specialized component of the Canadian Forces Reserve Force who provide a range of service to the people in their area, including humanitarian assistance, local search and rescue, rapid response for disaster situations such as air plane crashes, forest fires, and floods.
  • The Cadet Program aims to develop in youth the attributes
  • of good citizenship and leadership, promote physical fitness and stimulate the interest of youth in the sea, land, and air activities of the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • The Algonquin Regiment is one of the most northern regiment in Ontario and as such it is important that the members of the Regiment know how to survive in harsh winter conditions.


"This exercise was an excellent opportunity for the Algonquin Regiment to learn from subject matter experts, the Canadian Rangers, and to strengthen the bonds with the northern cadet corps. As soldiers and citizen of the North, winter survival skills are not only vital for our ability to operate and fight in the winter, but are helpful in our civilian lives as well."

Lieutenant-Colonel Pat Bryden, Commanding Officer, The Algonquin Regiment

"I really enjoy working with the Rangers. It allows me to be close to family as many of the Rangers are distant cousins, which makes it very comfortable. They are teaching us great skills like snaring and cold water rescue. It was pretty interesting."

Corporal Wendel Friday, Bravo Company (Timmins), The Algonquin Regiment

"The combination of Cadets, Rangers and us [the Algonquin Regiment] was a benefit to all involved. It was really great training and the Rangers taught us a lot. We got a lot of experiences that we wouldn't otherwise have, such as: ice fishing, ice water rescue, fire starting, and improvised shelters. I feel that our opportunity to mentor the Cadets was really good for us. Although, we did learn from them as well.

Corporal Andrew Bell, Alpha Company (North Bay), The Algonquin Regiment


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