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September 24, 2010 04:54 ET

Resignation & Appointment of Director



Ecovista Plc (the "Company") announces the resignation of Tom Kristensen as Director as of 22 September 2010
who wishes to concentrate on other business interests.

Replacing Mr Kristensen as a Director is Russell Laikin who became chief executive director as of 22 September
2010. Luca Tenuta will take on the role of chairman.

Mr  Laikin  after  graduating  with an honours degree in Political Studies at Leeds  University  taught  at
Leicester Polytechnic and secondary schools for several years. Since 1976, he has established several start-
up  businesses including buying and selling competition horses and commercial catering. More  recently  has
been  involved  in energy consultancy and management training. He has also been a speaker  at  motivational
seminars as well as training senior managers in time management and team building.

Mr Laikin has held the following directorships during the past five years:

Director          Current directorships:   Previous directorships:

Russell Laikin    Stylemaid Limited        Essex Trailer (Sales) Limited
                                           The Clever Shelter Company Ltd
                                           Notsallow 216 Limited

Essex Trailer (Sales) Limited was placed into administration on 7 April 2008. The Company had traded for 18
years and was a major supplier to the Ford Motor Company in Dagenham. In 2007 Ford cut down on suppliers to
the  extent  that the company was unable to continue. The total loss was GBP1.2 million, most of which  was
borne  by  RBS bank who had loans outstanding. A sale from administration to Lamberet Ltd secured jobs  and
enabled some of the business to continue.  Notsallow 216 Limited was placed into administration on 18 April
2008 and was part of a group of companies with Essex Trailer (Sales) Limited.

Mr Laikin was also a director of Snaxwagon Limited a commercial catering company set up in 1981. In 2002 it
was put into administration due to a poor trading position. The total loss to creditors was circa GBP200,000,
the  majority of which was owed to Customs & Excise, including the Inland Revenue. A pre-packaged  sale  to
AAA Catering maintained all jobs.

There are no other matters which are required to be announced pursuant to Paragraph 18 of Appendix 1 of the
PLUS Markets "Rules for Issuers".

Luca Tenuta, director, commented:

"We  are  delighted  that  Russell Laikin has agreed to accept his appointment as chief  executive  office.
Russell has significant experience in the green sector and is considered the ideal man to drive the Company

On  behalf of the board I would like to express our thanks to Tom Kristensen for his contribution and  wish
him  every  success  in  the  future. Tom has served the company well since his appointment  and  has  been
instrumental in guiding the Company in the formative stages of its new strategy."

The Directors of the Issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.


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24 September 2010

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