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May 02, 2006 07:00 ET

Resolution Law Group P.C. Boosts Remote Office Performance, Assures Client File Integrity Using Availl WAFS

Accelerates WAN File Access to LAN Speed, Eliminates Bandwidth, Provides Continuous Backup Consolidation; Unique File Locking Capabilities Assure Client Records Remain Trustworthy

ANDOVER, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 2, 2006 -- Availl Inc., a leading WAFS vendor and provider of real-time data and storage software, announced that the Resolution Law Group P.C., a nationwide law firm, dramatically improved its remote office computing performance while assuring the integrity of client records by deploying Availl WAFS software. Instead of experiencing 5 to 10 minute delays as files opened across the firm's VPN, Availl WAFS allowed Resolution Law Group attorneys in all of its offices to work in real time on the same shared files. Availl is showcasing Availl WAFS at InterOp today in booth 349-2.

In a business where cross-site legal teams are the norm, and the integrity of client records is paramount, Resolution Law Group's deployment of Availl WAFS provided an inexpensive solution to cross-office performance and guaranteed integrity to electronic client records.

With offices across the US including northern and southern California, Washington DC and Indianapolis, Resolution Law Group focuses on environmental risk, insurance, and securities arbitration. The firm added its Los Angeles area office and expanded its San Francisco Bay area office and staff in the past year -- moves that further taxed its network of Windows servers and critical storage at each site.

"Our business is distributed across multiple offices and other remote locations, and our work product requires a high degree of confidentiality as well as efficiency," said Brian Zagon, president of Resolution Law Group.

"Attorneys use every minute of their day productively, and couldn't endure the lengthy delays for the simple computing tasks that we were performing. With Availl, we took end user performance to a whole new level," said Chris Peckham, network administrator.

File Locking Becomes The Lynchpin

Since staffers in different offices collaborate on the same client's case, keeping remote silos of files in each office wasn't an option. As demands for access to the hundreds of thousands of files on its network increased, so did delays in opening files across its T1-based VPN, and concerns for making sure all files were kept up to date.

"We realized that real-time, coherent, cross-site file locking capabilities in particular were critical for business," Peckham said. "Ensuring that all users can open any file, but only one opens read/write means that work never stops, and no conflicts are possible. No other solution provided file locking as well as acceptable access speeds at any distance."

Resolution Law Group first deployed Availl WAFS in mid-2005, then rolled out additional offices by the summer's end. The deployment was fast and easy, since Availl WAFS is 100% software running on existing servers and is a fast download that can be configured in under 15 minutes.

Unlike other WAN optimization or application acceleration approaches which focus only on network acceleration of consolidated data, Availl also optimizes all remote office file sharing -- eliminating chattiness and supporting every file type -- while also achieving dramatic bandwidth reductions. For example, at Resolution Law Group, users all access identical files at local LAN speed, but cannot overwrite each other while sharing the same file, thereby potentially damaging privileged information.

The firm's Availl deployment also provided true real time continuous remote backup, assuring multiple points of redundancy 24 hours a day. The solution also assures business continuity to every office in the event of a network outage, since 100% off line access is seamless.

WAN Optimization -- Bandwidth Drops by 75 Percent

"Our users are ecstatic that they have access to all files throughout the firm at local access speeds," said Peckham. "At the same time, I know our WAN utilization decreased by as much as 75 percent -- freeing our network to operate all that much more efficiently."

Unlike WAFS solutions based on packet acceleration and caching, Availl WAFS is true real-time server-to-server coherent mirror which delivers local LAN file access speed. Files are always 100% coherent everywhere. If any server or the network fails, all other systems continue to function uninterrupted. Full failover to another system is automatic. All changes made to files while using a failover system will automatically mirror back to the original once the problem is resolved.

Availl's patent pending approach, employed in both its WAFS and continuous backup products, sends only byte-level changes across the network. This technology eliminates 95% or more of the network bandwidth, and is also coupled with protocol optimization, chattiness elimination, encryption and compression.

"I really appreciate the fact that having Availl means having an automatic system for business continuity," Peckham said. "If the network in any one of our four sites goes down, I have three other, completely updated copies of all files on the network accessible to the personnel. Plus, with Availl, I can keep as many past versions and deleted files as I choose. For a business where client access and trust is imperative, that gives me incredible added peace of mind."

About Availl

Founded in 2002, Availl provides Wide Area File System (WAFS) and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software and solutions for enterprises of all sizes. Availl's real time technology ensures that files exist in many remote locations simultaneously, and in complete synchronization with full version and file lock coherence -- no matter where changes are made. Availl's products are built on unique real-time technology for efficient multi-directional mirroring, rapid data caching and extreme data reduction, with guaranteed real-time file coherence between remote sites. It creates a unified file system at any distance via LAN, VPN, or web (http crossing firewalls). Availl also provides continuous data protection solutions for file and database backup consolidation.

Headquartered in Andover, MA, Availl is privately held and has been consistently profitable for over 2 years. Its large customer base includes major engineering design firms, financial service institutions, and many of the largest worldwide manufacturers among the Fortune 100. For more information, please visit

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