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January 24, 2012 15:34 ET

Resolve to Make the Most of Your Space With Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern and Lowe's

Budget Friendly Tips for Decluttering Your House From Top to Bottom

MOORESVILLE, NC--(Marketwire - Jan 24, 2012) - According to organizing expert Julie Morgenstern, consumers are looking for ways to declutter and organize their homes to help simplify their lives. Professional organizer and productivity expert, Julie Morgenstern helps families simplify, gain control and get organized. Her top five tips are easy, affordable solutions that are the perfect first steps in getting your house organized in the New Year.

1. Think Kindergarden: Julie recommends to organize all of your spaces like you would in a Kindergarten classroom. Ask yourself what the main functions of the room are, and divide the space into self-contained zones. Re-arrange furniture to create the zones, and find attractive containers and storage units that make it fun to put things away.

2. Build around Your Natural Habits. Identify where your clutter piles tend to accumulate, and see if you can install storage bins or baskets in that location. Scattering your efforts over many rooms of your house at once is a common mistake that prevents you from seeing progress. For visible, dramatic results, work one room at a time, and complete it before moving on to the next.

3. Work One Room at a Time. Start by creating a Master Plan of all your organizing projects on a room-by-room basis, using a new online tool called MyLowe's, which will help you keep everything related to your home online in one place. MyLowe's will keep track of your purchase history, owners' manuals and warranties, and even allow you to enter your room dimensions to find products that will best maximize your space -- from colorful cubbies with canvas bins to functional and decorative shelving units. Then decide on your order of attack, starting with the room that needs the least amount of time for the quickest reward.

4. Find Hidden Storage Maximize the capacity of each cabinet with space saving techniques that can double or triple your storage space. Wire shelf racks take advantage of wasted space between widely spaced shelves. Don't overlook the inside of each cabinet door, which can be a goldmine of storage, too.

5. Stretch Storage Space Rearrange items in your closets to make use of every square inch of space. For example, install simple shelf dividers to keep stacks of sweaters, jeans and t-shirts from toppling into each other. Hang hooks on the inside of the closet door for robes, belts, scarves or bags.

Whether it is weeding out your clothes closet, storing things within reach, or putting useful things like user manuals in one central place, being organized really can make your life easier to manage. For more information, visit

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