February 27, 2007 13:27 ET

Resolve: New Stop Smoking Program Forces Smokers to Keep Smoking in Order to Help Them Quit Permanently

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Until now, most of the products and programs available to help Canadians quit smoking all focused on picking a day on which to stop smoking completely, aka your "Quit Day" or Quitting Cold Turkey. This method has an approximate 3% success rate. Most of the current smoking cessation aids which also encourage the use of quitting cold turkey have a success rate of approximately 6-8%. Resolve's success rate, almost 70%!

Resolve, which was just released to the Canadian market, takes a completely opposite approach to smoking cessation. Instead of using a program that recommends the extremely stressful, and mostly ineffective quitting cold turkey method, the Resolve program employs a gradual reduction in smoking.

Resolve users are instructed to smoke their normal amount for the first week, and then gradually reduce smoking until they are smoke-free in the coming weeks. With traditional programs, smokers are made to feel like failures if they even desire a cigarette, let alone smoke one.

With the Resolve program, smokers are encouraged to smoke when the urge hits. The secret to the program lies in the patent-pending Resolve formula. Resolve is clinically proven to block the body's ability to properly metabolize nicotine. Over time, the smoker gets less and less nicotine from the cigarettes he or she smokes. In essence, users are weaning themselves off nicotine while smoking. Resolve allows users to easily address their chemical addiction to nicotine.

The gradual reduction in smoking also allows them to address the equally powerful mental and physical addictions to smoking that cannot be broken in just one day. Thanks to the ingredients in Resolve, over time the smoker will get less and less pleasure from the cigarettes they smoke. Resolve is also clinically proven not to cause weight gain during quitting, and it enhances taste receptors, making cigarettes taste worse over time.

Resolve is also being used to help Canadians who are addicted to nicotine-based chewing gums. It doesn't matter where the nicotine addiction is based - in cigarettes or gums, Resolve can help people slowly reduce their dependency on them.

More and more research is currently underway to support the reduction method used by Resolve. Resolve is a radically different and highly effective tool to help smokers reduce, and eventually eliminate, smoking from their lives. In clinical studies, Resolve had a success rate of almost 70%. That's almost 25 times more effective than quitting cold turkey!

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